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Every rider must wear a helmet when they go out on their motorcycle. You are probably told that expensive helmets are good.

Yes, they are good, but those who don’t really need that high-end features don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a helmet. 

With $100 or less, you are still able to get a motorcycle helmet that has enough safety features. This article will give you the 3 best motorcycle helmets under 100 dollars. 

What you can expect in a $100 motorcycle helmet?

We agree that more expensive lids usually go with more comfort and better ventilation.

Those helmets can give you the most relaxing experience when you usually ride long distances. Those features are not really necessary if you just ride a little bit to work, or somewhere not far away from your house.

In this case, a helmet under $100 can give you enough protection.

You should also expect that cheaper designs will not have a stunning outer look, and there will be a little bit of uncomfortable, but that doesn’t matter because you just wear it for a while, right?

You will find a lot of motorcycle headgear under 100 dollars out there, but not all of them are good.

It will take some time to find out which ones are the best.

3 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under 100 we have found for you:

1. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor

best motorcycle helmet under 100 under

One of the most highlighted features of this model is the visor. It is anti-fog and anti-scratch.

This great feature will help you to have a clear view all the time. This also helps to lengthen the life of your visor. While the anti-fog feature helps to keep the helmet accessible.

These two great features are enough to say you should really have an ILM motorcycle dual visor. 

Another advantage of this model is the wind noise-canceling system. Gone all the sounds that make you feel uncomfortable and affect your hearing.

The inner pads are so nice, too. They grab up your entire head and even the cheeks. 

What really makes this lid outstanding is the LED light feature. This light can be customized based on your riding speed.

This means you can make something unique based on your personality and preference.


  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch visor
  • Made from lightweight and durable material
  • Customizable LED lights system
  • Dual visor system


  • Added features might not be worth the added price

2.ILM Street Bik

best motorcycle helmets under 100

The helmet is a full-face type which is really good at keeping you warm in the cold weather.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly motorcycle helmet, then this will be the choice.

Like other full-face models, the ILM Street Bik has a ventilation system to keep you cool and supply enough fresh air to the wearer. 

One disadvantage of this helmet is that its coverage doesn’t include your neck.

If you ride in hot weather, it would be fine, but with the cold weather, your neck region means to be exposed to the chilly air.

This is when ILM comes out with an additional removable scarf.  

Material is also something worth mentioning as a strong point of this helmet.

The outer shell is made of very sturdy and lightweight ABS material. It helps to reduce the pressure on your neck and head while protecting you at a higher level. 

The helmet has two visors. The bigger one gives you a clear view and is in charge of preventing bugs and dust.

The smaller one gives you a smoked vision and its responsibility is reducing the effect of the sunlight on your eyes. With these two visors in one helmet, you can switch to one at any time. 

If you're feeling annoyed by wind noise, you should consider this helmet as it has an aerodynamic feature that can cancel the wind noise, thereby, leaving you a sense of freedom. 

With the aforementioned characteristics, it was unexpected that this helmet costs less than $ 100.


  • Full-face type
  • Dual visor
  • Go with an optional winter scarf
  • Light and durable ABS outer shell
  • Removable inner pads


  • The visor easily gets scratched

3. WOW Motorcycle Helmet

motorcycle helmets under 100

Wow! is maybe the first word you say when you see the sleek design of this model. WOW helmets have a good shape and are curved elegantly.

The smooth shape and elegant curves give the helmet the aerodynamic feature that helps you cut the wind without any noise. 

WOW has a wide range of styles and designs for you to choose from. If you don’t like the matte black, other colors available will definitely satisfy you.

This lid is not only a cool helmet type but it is also very comfortable and safe. That's thanks to the very thick and light padding attached on the inside.

You can feel it as a massage to your scalp. Really comfortable and relaxing! Moreover, the padding is removable so you can remove to clean it when it gets dirty.

It can soak all your sweat, giving you a dry inner environment. 

The price of this amazing helmet is cut down due to only a reason that it doesn’t have as full of features as the previous entry. 


  • The inner padding is easy to remove and clean
  • A wide options of unique styles and designs
  • Sleek design and aerodynamic shape
  • Comfortable and safe lining


  • There are inconsistent gaps in the top air vents

There are many models out there that are sold under $100, but these three are the best according to our research. HelmetsZone has more reviews on the motorcycle helmet buying guide and review category, so make sure you can check it out before you leave!

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