Do you know about these 5 greatest motorcycle racers?

When it comes to famous motor riders, we can think of common names like Valentino Rossi, Kenny, and  Roberts, Mike Hailwood, But no one can determine which of these three racers is the best because they rode different bikes, their rivals were not the same and they raced in different areas. 

And skills requirements, as well as evaluation criteria, are different across regions and time periods. So we cannot compare someone or something without putting them in the same context. But one thing is for sure, they must be famous for some reason. So let's join HelmetsZone to find out  what makes them famous and discover other famous names in the motorcycle racing world.

Was born in 1979. This is an Italian motor racer who has got 9 times winning the Grand Prix World Championships. He soon showed his interest in racing when he took part in regional kart championships at the age of 21 and started racing as a kid. 

valentino rossi

This is also an important milestone in his illustrious career. In 2002, the MotoGP bikes made its debit to the world. In the first race, Valentino did not miss the chance to win the championship even though he had to ride in difficult weather conditions at Suzuka.

In the 2002 season, nine races were held, Rossi excelled at number one in eight races and achieved the next title at Rio De Janeiro. Not stopping there, Rossi continued to reap success in the 2004 season with 8 Grand Prix championships, won the 7 times in a row at the World Champion. In 2011, Valentino switched to Ducati but he returned to Honda two years later and stayed loyal to it until today.

2. Kenny Roberts

Roberts was born in 1951 in America, and he is the first American to win the Grand Prix World Championships. As a constructor of motorcycle engines and chassis and the owner of a racing team,  he has gained experience and a better understanding of racing standards, thus helping to develop and raise this standard. 

kenny roberts

Thanks to Kenny’s distribution, the Grand Prix became more powerful and more influential. Roberts also established a new era for this racing sport. Despite losing the hegemony in the motorcycle racing area by Kenny in the late 1970s, the Fédération still voted him a Grand Prix legend in 2000.

3. Mike Hailwood

Mike was born in 1940 in Britain. “Mike the Bike” is the nickname that many people called him because he is one of the greatest racers of all time not only in motorcycles but also in car racing areas. He performed at a high level in both sports and never let his fans down.  

Hailwood started working in racing since 1958, but it was not until 1967 that it was really an important milestone to register his name in the history of the bikes. He won The 1967 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (1967 Senior TT) which is one of the most dramatic races of all time. In this race, along with his Honda honda RC181, Mike beat his rival- Giacomo Agostini and set a record of 175.05 km/h that no one could beat for the next 8 years.

mike hailwood

But sadly for the fate of this young talent as he died at the age of 40 in a car accident. While driving his kids-Michelle and David to grab some snacks, a truck illegally turned left to the central reservation, then the accident occurred. His daughter was killed instantly and Mike died after 2 days in the hospital.

4. Mick Doohan

Doohan is an Australian racer who has won the World Championships in the 500cc category five times in a row. It was that victory that made his name in history. Before turning to stay loyal to Honda, Mick had used Yamaha for one year(1988). He usually rides 500 cc Hondas during his time of professional motorcycle racing. 1990 was a milestone marking the beginning of his racing career when he first won  500cc Hungarian Grand Prix. 

mick doohan

The tragedy happened to this man when he was at the peak of his career. In 1992, while training to prepare for the next Dutch Tourist Trophy, unfortunately, he had an accident. Medical complications put him at risk of amputation of his right leg. But this did not stop him from pursuing his passion. Doohan continued racing, but instead of using his right foot, he had to switch to using the left brake. In 1999, he had to stop racing due to multiple foot injuries after another accident.

5. Joey Dunlop

William Joseph Dunlop was born in 1952 in Ireland. This racer was well-known for winning 26 races at the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy and was ranked second just below Valentino Rossi in the list of the greatest racers of the Motorcycle News. 

joey dunlop

During his career, Dunlop had won the Grand Prix 23 times starting from 1979. Despite not being able to ride advanced motorcycles like today’s models and not driving on wide tracks, this Irish racer still achieved an impressive average speed of 100mph.

Not only is he a good racer, but he is also a philanthropist with numerous humanitarian activities such as providing food and clothing to orphans in Romania and Albania, and Bosnia- Hercegovina. Joey Dunlop passed away in 2000 during a race. The reason for his death is due to the poor condition of riding that made him lose his control and was killed instantly on impact with trees.

Surely you already know the basic information about these 5 legends right? Who do you admire the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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