5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing A Helmet

When it comes to choosing a motorcycle helmet, I’m quite sure not many people will have their satisfactory lid for the first time. 

When other important things like buying a motorcycle and getting a license are done, the only remaining thing is the helmet. Also, when you bought it, you need to know how to maintain it. So here, we will list out 5 mistakes you should avoid when buying a motorcycle helmet.

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These are the 5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a motorcycle helmet.

We see people usually make these mistakes with there motorcycle helmets. From not knowing what features to look for to how to adjust a helmet in the right way. After reading this, you will know how to avoid those mistakes.

  1. Helmet  style

We know some of you may like to wear a helmet with a graphic that can represent you. What you should do is to choose a helmet based on your style of riding.

For instance, if your riding purpose is cruising, then you should go with something like a flip-up type with a Bluetooth system. 

mistakes to avoid when choosing a motorcycle helmet

If you spend most of your time on the track, you should go with a full-face type which is aerodynamic, made from carbon fiber or fiberglass with a ventilation system. Keep in mind that you buy a helmet for your riding, not for.

  1. Don’t check the helmet details

This is a pretty common mistake that not only new riders make. These are not instant features, but you will see their effects in the long run.

Those features are anti-fog visor, earplugs, emergency quick release. Let’s take an example to make this point clear, just imagine you go out on a foggy day, it will be difficult to see the road to ride. You see this is not an instant situation. You should be prepared for that.

Our advice is to stick with the helmets that have anti-fog pinlock visor and insert. As mentioned before, be prepared and you will feel thankful for that. 

5 mistakes about motorcycle helmet to avoid

Pay attention to the vein and earplugs, too. These features are really important when you plan to ride at speed. Something to reduce the wind noise will help you avoid tinnitus or loss of hearing. 

Check if the helmet you are going to buy has emergency cheek pads. These are usually formed as red ribbons or red button fixed on the bottom of cheek pads. In case of mishaps, this can help to remove your helmet from your head more easily. 

  1. Wear expired helmets

You may be told to use your helmet for five years, but it actually can expire before that. You will need to know some signs to know when to replace your helmet in time.

Five years is just an estimate that manufacturers give you, assuming you treat it right. To keep your lid last the longest, make sure you store it in proper places, clean it regularly enough, treat it gently, keep it from hard hit, etc.

Remember that even when you treat your helmet right, it doesn’t mean it can be used for more than five years. 

  1. Don’t clean helmets regularly

Some people will wait until the helmet gets really dirty and smelly that they will wash it. If you are doing so, you’d better change it right away.

Dirt, oil, and dead skin accumulated giving an ideal environment for bacteria to grow to cause itchy and uncomfortable sensations. 

five mistakes about motorcycle helmet

Also, the oil and sweat from your head can deteriorate the inner liner materials, then reduce the safety level of your helmet. 

When you clean your helmet, be sure to use helmet cleaner or mild soap.

If you are busy and do not have time to wash your lid, then we recommend you wear a balaclava so that you just need to was the balaclava instead. 

  1. Choose an improperly fitted  helmet

Believe me, this is the mistake that most riders usually make. The consequence of wearing a helmet that doesn’t fit is the discomfort or more seriously fatal head injuries if the helmet comes off when you get an accident. 

The best way to buy a properly fitted helmet is to buy from departmental stores and try it on in person. This way, you will have the actual feeling of fitment and are sure about your size. 

If you plan to order online, you may want to measure your head carefully and compare it with the helmet size table from the online shop. 

For more information on sizing helmet, feel free to read our how to size and fit your helmet


If you know and can avoid these mistakes, you will definitely stay safe and save some time and money to buy a new helmet and don’t have to experience any discomfort for several years. 

We hope you will find this article helpful. If you have any questions, you can contact us or leave the questions below.

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