8+ Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets In 2020 (Reviewed)

Carbon fiber motorcycle helmets have come to dominate the motorcycle scene. This material is impact-resistant, but at the same time, very lightweight. As a result, it’s ideal for use in the shell of the motorcycle helmet. 

You can find carbon fiber in almost every type of helmet, from full-face to half helmets. The best carbon fiber helmets are all DOT approved. They should be impervious and impenetrable to provide full protection in case of an accident. 

Another reason why this material is so famous for motorcycle helmets is that its aerodynamics are brilliant. The helmet swiftly cuts through the air, so that there’s minimal pressure on your head. Whether you’re racing or hitting the road for a long trip, a carbon fiber helmet is exactly what you need.

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These carbon fiber helmets have been chosen very carefully. You can find all budget levels, from high end to pocket-friendly models.

#1. TORC T1 Unisex Retro Full-Face Helmet

carbon fiber motorcycle helmets reviews

Via: Amazon.com

The TORC T1 is a retro-style full-face helmet that has a minimal design combined with a glossy textured finish. It’s a mid-range helmet that’s bringing something unique to the table. You also have a lot of options to choose from in terms of the finish. 

The shell of this helmet is made of high-quality carbon fiber. As a result, it’s weight is just four pounds. You also have multi-density EPS foam padding within the helmet to secure things further. 

One of the highlights of this helmet is its faux leather liner. Partially suede and partially genuine leather, this helmet is comfortable to wear. The anti-microbial leather also contributes to keeping the inside environment cool and moisture-free, as it does not absorb any. 

The TORC T1 helmet also features an anti-scratch and anti-fog shield. These removable shields offer a broad view field and protection from UV rays. However, you don’t find bubble shields like the ones Bell offers. 

The padded D-ring chin strap keeps the helmet securely in place. Similarly, the visor also features a locking lever, which keeps it securely closed. 

The form and fit of the helmet are good, and just how most fiberglass helmets are. This one is perfect for most head shapes, including more circular ones. For those with a round head, this might just be the best fitting helmet. 

The vents on this helmet are metal mesh, present on the chin and forehead. You can control them with a sliding switch. These vents are pretty functional and do a decent job of pulling the air in and pushing it out. 

This TORC helmet is DOT certified, meeting the FMVSS 218 standards. It also has the ECE certification, making it acceptable for the European market as well.


  • Lightweight fiberglass shell
  • Metal mesh vents
  • Very well-fitting
  • Removable shield options
  • Lots of finishes


  • Some buffeting at high speeds
  • Hard to remove the visors

#2. Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon Fiber Helmet

Via: Amazon.com

The Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Helmet is effortlessly lightweight, weighing just 3.05 pounds (less than 1400 grams). The company has managed to combine top engineering with superior craftsmanship to produce a high-quality and beautiful helmet. It’s quite stylish because of its shell design, as well as the overall aesthetic. 

The helmet features a resin-infused TCT-U™ 3K carbon fiber shell with a composite weave. With this type of construction, the shell is almost feather-light. You’ll not feel a thing while wearing this full-face helmet. 

The EXO-ST-1400 has a Kwikwick III anti-microbial liner which can be removed, replaced and washed . This liner readily dissipates moisture, keeping the interior dry and odor-free. You can also use the Kwikwick cheek pads when wearing eyeglasses. 

It features an Everclear fog-free visor. This is a Speedview sun visor that keeps 99% of the UVA and UVB rays at bay. It has a central locking system, which keeps the visor in place securely. 

This is one of the most versatile carbon fiber helmets out there. With the AirFit custom inflation system, you can customize the helmet for your specific ride needs. Whether you’re traveling on the motorcycle or venturing off-road, this helmet is suitable for either.

This one also offers three shell sizes for a better fit. With the aero-tuned ventilation system combined with the Venturi-effect channeling system, the airflow within the helmet is pretty thorough. As a result, the high-speed airflow takes all the humid hot air from the front to back and eventually out the helmet. 

The adjustable chin bar vent can also prevent fogging on the shield as it directs the air inside. However, you already have an anti-fog visor. There’s also a breath deflector in this helmet. 

As for safety, the EXO-ST1400 helmet meets the DOT certification standards, as well as the ECE. With a top-quality shell and many features that make it even safer, this one is pretty safe for all sorts of motorcycle riders.


  • 3K carbon fiber shell composite weave
  • Large eye port design
  • Multifunctional visor
  • Anti-microbial interior
  • Five-year warranty


  • Only available in black color
  • Can be a bit noisy with the visor up

#3. Bell Bullitt Carbon Fiber Full-Face Helmet

full face carbon fiber motorcycle helmets

Via: Amazon.com

The Bell Bullitt Carbon Full-face Helmet is one of the best carbon fiber motorcycle helmets. Inspired by the iconic Bell Star helmet, this one is more contemporary, both in terms of design and features. This one has a vintage, rather timeless look, that uses all the useful properties of carbon fiber.

This helmet features a 3K carbon shell that’s both sturdy and weightless. The interior of the helmet is a soft genuine leather (suede) that makes it all the more comfortable. This model comes in three shell sizes and six fittings, which goes to show how flexible it really is. 

The view field and aperture are wide, requiring very little need to turn your head. The many shield options for this helmet make it a truly versatile full-face helmet. You have two options: the flat and the bubble visor. 

The visors use Bell’s Magnefusion Shield Closing System, which simply uses magnets to close the visor. However, it lacks a quick release system, often found on high-end models like this one. Nevertheless, the visor is still easy to operate and stays in three positions (up, down, and halfway).

The ventilation within this helmet is excellent. In addition, the steel mesh vents on the forehead are not just vintage design details but fully functional vents. The five steel mesh vents keep things fresh inside and let airflow throughout the helmet. 

The front chin vent and the rear vent are closeable. Thanks to these vents, the overall aerodynamics of this helmet are pretty impressive. The chin strap features a Double-D ring lock.

The Bullitt is a DOT certified helmet, ensuring the utmost safety. It also has cleared the European safety standards, having the ECE certification. Also, this helmet has a SHARP rating of 3 out of 5.


  • Leather interior
  • Magnetic visor closure
  • 3K carbon fiber shell
  • Stylish vintage look
  • High safety ratings


  • Noise dampening could be better with the visor open
  • No quick release system for visor

#4. Conquer Carbon Fiber Full-Face Auto Racing Helmet

carbon fiber helmets

Via: Amazon.com

The Conquer Auto Racing Helmet is one of the favorite carbon fiber motorcycle helmets among racers. The construction, style, and safety all make it worth the money. It’s excellent, even in terms of fit and comfort. 

The highlight of this racing helmet is, of course, its unbeatable carbon fiberglass shell. The composite fiberglass is scratch resistant. You also have the HANS threaded inserts in the shell. 

The interior of this helmet is completely padded and is a fire-retardent. The ventilation holes in the interior add to the overall air circulation and heat dissipation. Even the three-mm anti-scratch visor is flame-resistant. 

You have multiple metal mesh vents on the chin and forehead, ten of them overall. The inside is quite comfortable, which is essential for racers. Additionally, the helmet offers more than decent noise dampening, thanks to the visor. 

With a Kevlar chin strap, you get a pretty snug fit. Speaking of fit, the overall fit and sizing of this helmet are pretty impressive. No matter what your head’s shape is, you’ll find the helmet to be comfortable. 

This Conquer helmet is SNELL 2015 certified. This certification confirms that this is a superior helmet, as far as the safety goes, for all sorts of races. The addition of fire-retardant interior makes it all the more secure for racing.


  • Anti-flame interior
  • Lightweight fiberglass composite
  • Lots of vents
  • Minimized draft
  • Good value for money


  • Very expensive
  • No DOT certification

#5. LS2 Helmets Arrow Carbon Unisex Full-Face Helmet

best carbon fibre helmet

Via: Amazon.com

The LS2 Arrow Carbon Helmet is one of the best carbon fiber motorcycle helmets for sportbike riders. Designed with Moto GP riders, this one is all about track riders, giving them the quality and safety they need. Such helmets are usually pricey, and so is this one. 

The carbon fiber shell of this helmet brings its weight to just about three pounds. Now that's extremely lightweight. As for sizes, this helmet comes in three shell sizes that provide a better fit. 

Designed in Spain by a team of designers and riders, this is one of the most innovative helmets from LS2. The aerodynamics of this helmet are exceptional. The eye port is larger than any other helmet, giving you much better visibility and field of view. 

The liner in the helmet is fully removable and washable, made of moisture-wicking fabric. The cheek pads have an Emergency Quick Release System. These cheek pads are made of high-quality foam using 3D laser technology.

The shields are easy to replace thanks to the tool-free release technology. Similarly, the three-mm flat shield is pinlock-ready. It’s versatile enough for racers, sports riders, and even commuters. 

The fit of ls2 carbon fiber helmet is perfect, which is self-explanatory, given that it’s designed in consultation with Moto GP, Moto 2, and Moto 3 riders. The padding, the liner, and the shape of the shell, all make it fit your head snugly. 

Even though race helmets are not really quiet, this one offers some noise dampening. However, at very high speeds, it will be noisy, which is normal. You can always eliminate that problem with some earplugs. 

The LS2 helmets are usually best for people with longer narrower heads. If you have a round head, the fit might not be perfect. However, you should be able to pick a size that’s appropriate for your head with ease. 

The ventilation in this helmet is decent enough for a full-face helmet. It features Dynamic Flow-Through ventilation. You have four chin vents that also prevent fogging as two of the vents throw air towards the visor. 

The sliders for the vents are on the inside of the chin guard. It’s one of the few helmets to have sliders both outside and inside. You have four exhaust vents on the rear. 

This helmet has both DOT and ECE certification. More importantly, it scored an impressive 4 out of 5 on the SHARP scale. These certifications alone prove that the Arrow is a pretty reliable helmet for racing, but for any purpose, really.


  • DuPont Kevlar carbon fiber
  • Controlled ventilation
  • Quick-release shields
  • Good value for money
  • Extremely safe and reliable


  • Not a great fit for round heads
  • Vent sliders both on inside and outside

#6. 1Storm Genuine Carbon Fiber Street Full-Face Helmet

carbon fiber helmets

Via: Amazon.com

This 1Storm Carbon Fiber Helmet has a weight of just 3.2 pounds. It’s the best carbon fiber helmet in terms of looks. The smooth contours, the gloss finish, and the blending vents all elevate the look of this helmet. 

The carbon fiber build of this helmet is even lighter than ABS. That’s not it’s only quality as it’s also quite sturdy. It features an aerodynamic rear Venturi-effect exhaust spoiler. 

With more than adequate padding and a removable liner, this Storm1 helmet goes above and beyond with its interior. The lining is also washable, so you can keep it clean and odorless. You can easily wear glasses with the helmet on.

The shield is easily replaceable and protects from UV rays. In addition, the quick release buckle makes it easy to put it on and off. You’ll find everything about this helmet to be adding more convenience to its use. 

With five-position ventilation channels and three-level top ventilation control, it offers very dynamic ventilation. The constant airflow in and out of the helmet ensures the inside does not heat up. As a result, you don’t sweat or get uncomfortable. 

The entire shell has a UV protective finish, which also contributes to keeping the helmet breathable. The noise dampening is also adequate, which is something hard to find at this price point. Speaking of price, this one is more on the budget-friendly side. 

You have various size options to choose the right fit. The shape of the helmet universally accommodates most head shapes. Since the interior is padded, it’s pretty soft from inside. 

The Storm1 Genuine Helmet is CAPA certified, and DOT certified. The shell offers effective shock absorption, making it a safe bet for motorcycle riders. Considering that it’s affordable, this helmet provides more than decent safety.


  • Extremely lightweight carbon fiber shell
  • Venturi-effect exhaust spoiler on the back
  • Great fit and aesthetics
  • Tinted shield and UV-coated shell for protection from sunlight
  • Great value for money


  • The padding flattens over time
  • Chinstrap is just average

#7. 1Storm Street Carbon Fiber Modular Motorcycle Helmet

best carbon fiber motorcycle helmets

Via: Amazon.com

This is yet another quality product from 1 Storm brand. This modular helmet is an affordable one, best for commuting on motorcycles. There’s plenty of variety in terms of colors, from basics like black and grey to more fun colors like glossy red and glossy green. 

The carbon fiber shell of this modular helmet is decent quality. The thermoplastic alloy has superb aerodynamics. Also, the shell has a UV gloss coating that prevents UV rays from heating it up. 

The helmet features two lenses: a clear outer shield and a built-in smoked sun shield. You have removable and washable padding. It comes in six different sizes, so there are more options in terms of finding the exact right fit. 

As a modular helmet, it’s a little heavier, weighing 5.34 pounds. However, it’s still a very comfortable helmet to wear, mainly because of the carbon fiber shell and the right fitting. 

The helmet has vents on the chin and forehead with controls. The rear features exhaust vents that stay open. Other helpful features are the quick release system for the visor and also the inner visor switch. 

This one is only DOT certified, which makes sense as it’s a cheap helmet. Helmets in this price range usually have DOT certification only. Nevertheless, it shows that it meets the minimum security standards. 

The chin guard can be locked when it’s up. This comes in very handy sometimes when you need some air riding the bike. You can seamlessly turn this from full-face to open-face with just a switch.


  • UV coating on the shell
  • Dual-lens system
  • Quick-release mechanism
  • Inner washable padding
  • Affordable price


  • A bit heavy
  • Not for racing or off-road riding

#8. KLIM TK1200 LG Helmet

carbon fiber motorcycle helmets

Via: Amazon.com

The KLIM TK1200 is a modular motorcycle helmet with a lot of innovative design details and features. This carbon fiber helmet has extraordinary aerodynamics, making it great for all sorts of rides. The full-face helmet is lightweight, coming in at 4.64 pounds. 

The carbon fiber shell of the helmet is a bit different in terms of how it’s made. The fiber weaves are combined with polymerization heat. With very precise resin cure times, they are able to maintain the level of hardness to exactly how it should be. 

This hand-made shell has a very consistent make, and you’ll actually find this phenomenon in all KLIM helmets. The inside features a washable, replaceable, and hypoallergenic liner. The 3D paddings have an ergonomic fit, which radically improves the overall fit of the helmet. 

KLIM has designed a breakaway chin bar, which it first incorporated in the TK1200 model. This design ensures the least impact on chin and neck in case of an accident. 

The shield system of this helmet features proprietary lens technology from Transitions. The shield reduces UV lights, providing clear and better vision. You feel less eye fatigue even after riding in the sunlight for hours on end. 

The view field is also quite large, which is vital for both comfort and safety reasons. As for the fit, this helmet’s shape is oval, which is more universal. This means it can accommodate most heads pretty comfortably. 

The safety certification of the KLIM TK1200 includes DOT and ECE. This goes to show that even as a modular helmet, it’s pretty safe to wear. This one also comes in a variety of colors.


  • Highly innovative carbon fiber construction
  • High-quality shield material
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sleek and stable aerodynamics
  • Soft padding and liner


  • A bit pricey
  • Changing shields could be harder

Buying Guide For Best Carbon Fiber Helmet

Even if you know you want a carbon fiber motorcycle helmet, it can be a bit overwhelming with all the other features. To narrow down your choices and find the best carbon fiber motorcycle helmet, you should educate yourself about what to look for. 

Safety and Convenience

There are two things that top basically everything in a motorcycle helmet, and those are safety and convenience. The very purpose of the helmet is to keep you safe. Also, it should be easy to wear and use. 

best carbon motorcycle helmet

To understand how safe a helmet is, the best thing is to look at the safety certifications. Now, the most common certification is by the DOT (Department of Transportation) certification. This safety certification is absolutely mandatory for helmet manufacturers.

The National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA) hands the DOT certification. There are three areas or tests that the helmet has to pass. 

The first DOT test is the impact attenuation test, in which they assess the helmet’s ability to absorb shock from a collision. Secondly, they examine the ability of the shell to resist penetration. Finally, the last test looks at the helmet’s system of retention (how it stays on).

Another certification to look out for is the SNELL certification, which is given by the non-profit Snell Memorial Foundation. This certification, in comparison with DOT, is more thorough and robust. Unlike DOT, this is not mandatory, so you might not find it for all helmets. 

The Snell Memorial Foundation updates the testing standards every five years. This way, they make sure that the latest models are up to the latest safety standards. 

As for convenience, that’s an overall quality of the helmet on account of its features and safety. It should be easy to put on and take off. Also, the helmet should be comfortable and well-fitting.

Weight and Ventilation

Weight and ventilation, although two very different things are equally important. This is because both these aspects make sure one thing and that’s comfort. If the helmet in question is too heavy and lacks proper ventilation, it’s going to ruin your ride. 

lightest carbon fiber motorcycle helmet

As experts suggest, lightweight helmets are better than heavy helmets. Not only do they not exert pressure on your head and neck, but they also make it easy to move them. 

The good news is that carbon fiber helmets are generally lighter in comparison with most other shell materials. In fact, this is one of the reasons why carbon fiber is so popular. It provides high strength and impact absorption with minimal weight. 

There’s no standard about weight as such, but typically a weight of 1400 to 1800 grams would qualify as lightweight. 

Ventilation is a crucial element, especially for full-face and motocross helmets. There should be vents in all important positions, including chin, forehead, and the back of the helmet. In other words, the more the vents, the better the air circulation. 

Natural ventilation within the helmet would also prevent fogging. You don’t necessarily need an anti-fog shield if the helmet has proper ventilation. Some helmets let you control the vents with a switch or slider. 

Additional Aspects That Are Worth Investing In

The above aspects apply to virtually every helmet, but there are additional aspects to look out for when buying carbon fiber helmets. For instance, it’s essential for an off-road helmet to have both the liner and padding. 

The liner has the same purpose as it does for every helmet. It provides comfort on the inside of the shell and often wicks moisture. On the other hand, padding has more of a security purpose, as it keeps your head and face safe from impact. 

best carbon fiber motorcycle helmets

EPS foam padding is by far the most superior. You’ll find it in most high-end motocross and full-face helmets. It’s better adept at absorbing shock in case of a collision. 

Another feature to consider is UV-resistant visor. If you’re going to be riding in the daytime, you’ll most likely need a shield to prevent glare and direct sunlight. Many full-face helmets come with sun visor or UV-resistant shields. 

The fit is extremely important, both in terms of safety and comfort. You don’t want an ill-fitted helmet to ruin your ride. It should sit on your head snugly, but not too tight. 

One way to make sure you get the right fit is to measure your head. Also, take into account your head shape. 

Most helmets have an oval shape as it’s more universal in terms of fit. When comparing sizes, keep in mind that the helmets have liner and paddings as well.

Lastly, some carbon fiber helmets also come with slots for camera or speakers. If you want something like that, make sure to check the equipment you have is compatible with the helmet. That’s because some helmets work with specific speakers, usually from the same manufacturer.

Choosing the Proper Type

You can find carbon fiber shells in almost every type of motorcycle helmet. Therefore, it’s important to first figure out the type that suits you. 

Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet

A carbon fiber full face helmet will cover your entire face, including the chin with a carbon fiber shell. These provide all-out protection as they cover everything above your neck. Not only is this protection from impact, but also wind, rain, dust, sunlight, and noise. 

Full-face helmets also have shields and visors, eliminating the need to wear goggles. Since these are all-enclosing, these feature vents for air circulation within. Also, you have removable and often washable liners. 

This type of helmet is best for adventure riding, where you’ll be on all sorts of terrain. However, these tend to be some of the most expensive, as well.

Carbon Fiber Half Helmet

A carbon fiber motorcycle half helmet will have an opening for the face. It covers your head above your ears, leaving the chin, cheeks, and neck out. This type of helmet generally has perfect airflow, as it doesn't cover the entire face. 

Some half helmets have built-in visors/shields to protect eyes from wind and sunlight. However, you can always use sunglasses or goggles if the helmet lacks a visor. These are also DOT certification eligible. 

Half helmets are not the right choice for racing and off-road motorcycling. However, they make very convenient and safe helmets for the everyday commute. These are considered as vintage style, as they were quite popular back in the day. 

Carbon Fiber Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The carbon fiber motorcycle helmet with bluetooth feature Bluetooth speakers and microphone that you can use to listen to music or attend calls. You can also use the system to communicate with other riders. These only work in a short-range, as is typical with Bluetooth devices. 

Within this type of helmet, there are two variations. Some helmets come with a built-in Bluetooth system, while others have slots designated for such devices. Typically, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are full-face helmets. 

This is obviously very useful for communicating hands-free. You don’t have to stop to take a call; you can simply do it while keeping your hands on the bars. Also, you get to enjoy music while riding the motorcycle.

Carbon Fiber Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The Carbon Fiber Modular Helmet is a hybrid of full-face and open-face helmets. The chin part of the helmet comes out or flips over. Basically, they have everything there is in a full-face helmet, and you can turn them into an open-face as well. 

Most modular helmets feature a UV visor and shield. This type of helmet comes in handy when you want to talk or eat without taking the whole thing off. However, these are a little bit heavier than full-face helmets because of the hinges. 

Carbon Fiber Dual Sport Helmet

Gaining popularity amongst ADV and Enduro riders, the carbon fiber dual sport helmet is a hybrid of full-face and off-road helmets. It essentially combines all the good features of both types of helmets. 

carbon motorcycle helmets

For instance, it offers a better field of view and airflow. Also, you can wear goggles in addition to the face shields. 

Carbon Fiber Open Face Helmet

The open-face helmet does not cover your face. These are different from half helmets, in that they do cover the rear of your head. However, these are not as protective obviously as full-face helmets. 

There are benefits to using an open-face helmet. The number one being better air circulation, but you still may need vents on the shell. Also, visibility is much better, as there are no obstacles in your field of view. 

In addition, the lack of a chin guard results in an even lighter weight. These are acceptable for regular riding, but not for racing and off-road adventures. 

Low Profile Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

Low Profile carbon fiber helmets have little to no padding, which essentially makes them less bulky than their padded counterparts. These are popular for their lightweightedness and convenience. Of course, these are not as safe as full-face or even open-face helmets.

These also come under DOT safety certification, so you should only buy those that are DOT certified. You can find low-profile carbon fiber helmets in full-face, open-face, and half helmets, giving you ample choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cacbon Fiber Helmet safe?

Carbon fiber helmets are generally very safe. However, just because a helmet says it has carbon in the shell, doesn’t automatically mean it’s high-quality and reliable. For that, you have to dig a little deeper. 

carbon fiber helmet

A helmet that specifically states carbon fiber would be much lighter. While the shell is the primary indicator of the safety of a helmet, there are other parts to consider as well. You should look into the padding especially, as it can absorb shock waves. 

The best way to judge the safety of a helmet is to look at its safety certification. Obviously, the minimum is DOT certification, which most carbon fiber helmets have. For higher-end helmets, you want to look out for SNELL and SHARP ratings. 

What was used to make a Cacbon Fiber helmets?

Carbon fiber helmets are made of carbon fiber weave and plastic, usually resin. Carbon fibers are generally robust but also flexible. This allows them to readily absorb shock from impact. 

First of all, the carbon filament is woven into a fabric or felt. This is usually an acrylic fiber that has been heated to increase its strength. Sometimes other materials are also used, such as Kevlar. 

Carbon fiber provides high strength without weighing a lot, which makes it an ideal material for the shell of a helmet. This weave is often infused with resin, which gives it a glossy surface. 

Carbon filament and fibers are expensive, which is why most carbon fiber helmet models are not quite cheap. While they are called carbon fiber helmets, there are a lot of other materials in the mix as well. 

Is Cacbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet Better Than Others?

Carbon fiber helmets are extremely lightweight than most other materials. This is one of the reasons why they work better. They don’t cause any kind of fatigue even when you’re wearing them for many hours straight. 

Another reason why carbon fiber helmets are better is that they are flexible. On impact, they don’t just break away like fiberglass. Therefore, they are able to withstand multiple impacts.

Is It Worth To Buy This Type of Helmets?

Carbon fiber is a reliable and proven material for the shell of motorcycle helmets. Some of the best carbon fiber motorcycle helmets cost $500 or more. However, the price of these high-end helmets is worth it, given their safety records and advanced features. 

Your helmet is an investment in your safety. Therefore, it should not be taken lightly, and if you have no budget constraints, it’s always a good idea to go for a superior quality helmet. 

The brand name also justifies the prices. Brands like Bell, Shoei, and Scorpion have been in the business for many decades. They have perfected their craft and improved the helmets significantly. 

Why Do I Have To Buy a New Cacbon Fiber Helmet While My Old One Still Look Good?

Generally speaking, helmets should be replaced every five years. While they may look fine, with use and wear and tear, they can lose their structural integrity. Also, if you’ve ever dropped your helmet forcefully, you should think about changing it. 

Chances are you’ve dropped your helmet many times. It doesn’t always cause cracks or smudges, but it could have damaged the inner fiber layers. Similarly, the sweat and moisture can damage the padding and the liner from inside.

It also depends on the helmet model itself, the brand, and where it was manufactured. Some models might perform the same even after five years, in which case you don’t really need to replace unless there’s damage.


Carbon fiber motorcycle helmets are by far the most innovative alternatives in the world of helmets. These provide the best combination of safety and lightness. And we have picked the Bell Bullitt Carbon Fiber Full-Face Helmet as the best one on this list. 

It checks all the boxes when it comes to a quality, safe, and reliable helmet. Whether it’s the 3K carbon shell or the metal mesh vents, everything screams quality. It’s the best because it’s truly versatile and many different kinds of riders can use it. 

Other helmets on the list are targeted towards a specific type of rider. Also, it’s from Bell Helmets, which is a trustable company, producing some of the best motorcycle helmets out there. 

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