The 2 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets Review (New 2020)

 I know, it is so daunting when you have to pick up an important phone call when you are riding on a very busy street.

That just does not last any longer if you have a best motorcycle Bluetooth headset. With this accessory help, you will be able to answer the calls with your hands-free.

Moreover, you can use this headset to listen to your favorite music, search GPS, and communicate with your riding colleagues. 

It can be a bit overwhelming when picking out one best Bluetooth headset from vast options available on the market for your motorcycle.

But you are lucky to be here as we have done all the hard works for you. All you need to do is to read through this post and done, you can make a purchase right away. HelmetsZone is here to guide you through!

The two best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets 2020

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1. Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System

best motorcycle bluetooth headset

This Sena 20S-1 Bluetooth headset is the best choice for communication. The maximum communication distance is 2,000 meters, and it can block the background noise, too. This headset can connect with both Sena and non-Sena Bluetooth devices.


  • Audio Multitasking technology which allows you to talk, listen to music / FM radio at the same time.  
  • Motion sensor technology: With this, you just need to shake the 20S-1 to connect with other Bluetooth devices. It’s even more convenient with Hands-free voice commands and intuitive control properties. 
  • Bluetooth version 4.1: This new version is faster than 3.0 and 4.0. You can use wireless Bluetooth in a long period of time headset without worrying about draining the battery.
  • Group intercom: This allows you to talk with 2-8 people in your team. 


  • Long communication distance: up to 2 km
  • High-quality sound
  • Seamless multitasking
  • Fast and stable connection with other Bluetooth devices


  • Very expensive

2. Foodsports M1S Pro : Our choice

best motorcycle bluetooth headset for music

This comes with the 4.1Bluetooth version. Foodsports M1S Pro is compatible with any HSP/HFP and A2DP devices.

It has an easy-to-attach metal clip. You can find two types of built-in mics, one is a soft mic and the other is the hard mic.

This headset can be used for different types of motorcycle helmets. You can use it for an open face helmet, and you can use it for a full-face helmet, too.

You will look even cooler when there is a Foodsports M1S Pro attached to your cool looking motorcycle helmets


  • This headset model allows you to communicate at a maximum distance of 2 kilometers while the most effective distance is ½ kilometer between two bikes. 
  • This allows you to make phone calls, listen to music, view GPS, and voice commands. M1S Pro responds to Samsung S Voice control systems and Siri.
  • You can answer a call and listen to music without the help from your hands. You can choose to answer the calls either manually or automatically. 
  • The full-range membrane monomer is what makes up the crystal-clear sound of the M1S Pro. The CSR chips help with reducing noise, thereby providing clearer and louder voice calls. 
  • M1S Pro has a 900mAh battery. With three hours of battery charge, you can use them for 20 hours outdoor. 
  • The big button design can help you to operate the headset more easily even with gloves. What we love about this headset is that it is waterproof and dustproof so that you can use them under different weather conditions. 


  • Clear sound quality
  • Long communication distance
  • Long battery life - up to 20 hours
  • Convenient to use
  • Intercom up to eight buddies


  • No FM function

Buying Guide For The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Buying a Bluetooth headset is not easy, especially for newbies. Here is a list of features you should look for in a Bluetooth headset.

best budget motorcycle bluetooth headset

Bluetooth version

Version 3.0

The transfer rate of 3.0 wireless headsets is 20Mbps. It is much faster compared to the 2.0 version.

This technology is also more power control. Even when your phone battery is running low, you can still listen with constant sound quality. 

Some headsets that use the 3.0 version are ALLROS T10, LEXIN LX-B4FM, Gelaten BT-S3, Thokwok BT-S3, and Sena SPH10H-FM.

Version 4.1

Upgraded from version 3.0, Bluetooth 4.1 has more features like enhanced connectivity and longer range.

Two well-known Bluetooth headsets that use the 4.1 technology are Foodsports M1S Pro and Sena 20S-01D. 

The 4.1 Bluetooth technology is well known for the LE protocol. This helps lengthen the usage time after a full charge. In addition, the 4.1 version doesn’t interfere with other wireless technology. 

Some other features to look for

Sound quality: The noise will be a big problem for your hearing ability, so make sure you choose one that has noise reduction technology.

The voice quality must also remain clear when you ride at speeds. 

Number of devices to connect: If you ride with a big group, then look for a Bluetooth headset that allows you to connect with multiple devices.

Both of the two Bluetooth headsets we recommended can connect to a maximum of 8 people. You will find your riding more fun and convenient with this type of headset. 

Communication distance - The wider the communication distance range the more stable your connection to your buddies on the intercom.

Consider the two headsets above - the Foodsports M1S Pro and the Sena 20S-01D as they are two of the models that can provide the highest distance at 2 kilometers. 

Battery life:  This is an important factor that will ensure your headset doesn’t die when you need it. Most headsets’ batteries are rechargeable.

You should look for one that has a battery capacity of more than 10 hours. The Foodsports M1S Pro given above works nonstop for 20 hours.

Price: This is one of the top factors you should concern when buying a Bluetooth headset, especially for those who want to spend the money wisely.

You do not necessarily buy an expensive headset. High-end models are not always the best and products at cheaper prices are not always worse.

For instance, the Foodsports M1S Pro is similar to the Sena 20S-01D in features but is half cheaper.

Ease of use: If you want to concentrate on your riding and pick up phone calls without using your hands, then go with ones that have voice commands and easy-to-press buttons. 

Final Verdict

Above is the review of two best motorcycle Bluetooth headsetsAfter all, we love the Foodsports M1S Pro and highly recommend it to you. To cut a long story short, this Bluetooth headset provides all the features a rider need such as big easy-to-press button, voice commands, hands-free function, superior battery life, and maximum communication distance range. 

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