Top 9+ Best Half Helmets (Reviewed In 2020) – Buyer’s Guide

Want to feel the fresh breeze on your face as you ride safely on your motorcycle? Half helmets might just fit your preference. They provide enough protection while allowing air to flow and keep you cool while riding.

While surveying the market, you'll find half helmets available is a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes. But, you must find a sturdy half helmet that keeps you protected. 

If you're having a difficult time finding the right half helmet, you're in luck. In this review, we are going to list some of the good half helmets in the market. Also, we've prepared a general buying guide to assist you in choosing the best half helmet.

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Evaluating some of the best half helmets in the market and the features they offer can really help you figure the sort of motorcycle helmet you want. You will also learn about the best half helmet brands.

Let's not delay anymore and start with the reviews of the best half face helmet.

#1. LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

best motorcycle half helmet


The LS2 Helmet Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet is the best half shell helmet. Constructed with a kinetic polymer alloy shell, this helmet is sturdy yet light.

The retro-modern design of this helmet is sure to turn some heads as you ride down the streets. Moreover, you can remain cool even on hot days given the excellent ventilation system on this helmet.

Another great feature of this helmet is the short twin peak shield system, which protects riders from sunlight and debris. This feature gives users two adjustment options. You can either bring down the visor fully or lock it halfway, depending on your liking.

Washing the interior of the helmet is no trouble as there is a hypoallergenic liner, which is made of moisture-wicking materials. 

Besides, this helmet also has space to allow for the installation of Bluetooth. This way, you can stay connected even while on the road. 

This helmet is also approved by DOT and meets the required safety standards of FMVSS 218. In terms of safety regulations, the LS2 helmet takes safetya step further as it also meets the CARB requirements.


  • DOT, FMVSS 128, CARB approved
  • Allows for installation of Bluetooth device
  • Hypoallergenic liner
  • Polymer shell


  • Expensive
  • Visor only protects eyes

#2. Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet (With Sunshield)

best half face motorcycle helmet


Designed for both men and women, this Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet by Vega Helmets comes with a bunch of great features. This model will be to your liking if you're on the lookout for a small, light-weight, and stylish helmet.

The half helmet features an optically corrected drop down sun shield that prevents sunlight and debris from getting into your eyes. Moreover, the sun shield is easy to use.

This helmet will rest stably over your head due to the size-adjustment dial system and the padded quick-release strap. Comfort is also ensured with its advanced moisture-wicking liner.

Moreover, the high-density EPS liner is excellent at absorbing shock, which adds to the safety of the helmet. As with most half helmets on this list, Vega Warrior meets the requirements of DOT and FMVSS 218.

It also comes with a five-year warranty, and the company also guarantees free from defect products.

However, the sun shield is fragile and unstable and can get a little annoying during longer rides. The small size of this helmet is another issue, particularly for riders who have large heads. 


  • Warranty
  • Guarantee on defect-free products
  • Shock-absorbing EPS liner
  • Great for both men and women
  • Stylish


  • May not fit some users
  • Fragile and unstable sun shield

#3. Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

best half helmet


First up on our list is the Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Helmet. The light, Tri-Matric three composite shell with composite on this helmet, ensures both safety and comfort. 

Made with user comfort in mind, the speed dial at the back of this helmet allows you to adjust it according to your fit. Even at high speeds, this helmet will rest stably on your head.

The features on this half helmet make it great for all sorts of weather. On sunny days, particularly, you can avoid the harsh rays of the sun by pulling down the internal sunshade. 

The removable neck cover that comes with this Bell helmet is also handy during cold days, protecting your neck against the bitter, cold wind.

Another bonus of this helmet is the speaker pockets, which allow you to set up a communication device into your helmet. 

Moreover, safety is not an issue with this Bell helmet as it meets the FMVSS 218 standards and is also DOT certified. With this helmet, you get connectivity and safety both.

You don't have to worry if there are any issues with the half helmet you purchase as it comes with a five-year warranty.


  • Sturdy carbon shell
  • Meets DOT and FMVSS 218 standards
  • Speaker pockets
  • Removable neck cover
  • 5-year warranty


  • Internal sun shade may cause issues

#4. HJC CS-2N Half Helmet

half helmet reviews


Looking for a sturdy helmet? The thermoplastic alloy shell combined with the advanced CAD protection makes the CS-2N half helmet by HJC Helmets super tough.

Featuring an easy to adjust aerodynamic visor, CS-2N protects your eyes from the sun glare as well as dirt and dirt in the wind. One of the benefits of this best low profile half helmet is, it gives you enough space to wear goggles for further protection.

The two vents let the air  pass easily through the helmet, allowing you to remain cool and calm on hot day rides.

In addition, it comes with a removable neck curtain and ear flaps with pockets for speakers and other communication devices. 

The moisture-wicking Nylex padding on this half helmet is removable and can be washed with ease. In addition, the helmet is comfortable and isn't too big.

However, a significant issue with this helmet is the small visor, which at times fails to do its job. Additionally, as there is nothing preventing the surrounding noise, especially, the wind noise, riding fast can get a little frustrating.


  • Best low profile helmet
  • Thermoplastic alloy shell
  • Two vents allowing smooth air flow
  • Moisture-wicking padding


  • No protection against wind noise
  • Small visor

#5. AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet

best motorcycle half helmet


Next up on our list is the retro German-style AHR Motorcycle half face helmet. For us, this is definitely the best looking half helmet in the market. 

The ABS shell is light-weight, yet sturdy, and does not lack in terms of quality. The thick, high-density plush EPS liner adds to the comfort and allows the helmet to rest on your head securely.

Furthermore, the ABS shell, combined with the EPS liner, enhances the safety of this helmet. Moreover, this AHR half helmet is approved by the DOT and meets all the FMVSS 218 safety standards.

You need not fiddle around with the chin strap while adjusting your helmet, as it comes with an easy to use quick release feature.

This AHR model is available in four different sizes. So, don’t be too quick to order the helmet. We suggest you check the size chart and find out which size works the best for you.


  • DOT and FMVSS 218 approved
  • Thick EPS liner for comfort
  • ABS shell
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Size options


  • Not much neck protection

#6. GLX Uni-sex-Adult Size M14 (Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet)

best half helmet


The final product on our list is a promising one. This GLX Uni-sex Adult M14 Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Helmet has some great aerodynamic features. 

Despite the minimalist design, this helmet is still eye-catching. It comes with a retractable visor as well, which protects your eyes from dust, debris, sunlight, rain, etc.

Made of expanded polystyrene, this helmet does a great job of absorbing shock, which protects your head from heavy blows. The protection this helmet provides is almost at the same level as that provided by a full-face helmet.

This helmet also has an in-built compartment that allows you to attach audio and communication devices.

Moreover, the synthetic leather liner is removable and washable. It also adds to the comfort of the helmet.


  • Cheaper than most alternatives
  • In-built compartment for connecting communication devices
  • Minimalistic Unisex design
  • As much protection as a full-face helmet
  • Retractable visor


  • Might not fit all heads

#7. Voss 888CF Genuine Carbon Fiber Half Helmet

best looking half helmet


If safety is on the top of your list of preferences, then you will like this Voss 88CF Carbon Bullet Cruiser half helmet. This one is the safest half helmet on our half helmet reviews, efficiently protecting you as you ride your motorcycle.

The antimicrobial fiber liner inside this helmet is removable, which makes it easy to wash. In addition, the integrated visor system is also removable. You no longer need to stress about dirty helmet liners and visors.

Long rides are going to get more comfortable thanks to the drop-down smoke sun lens. Moreover, the quick-release clasp adds to user ease while allowing the helmet to stay on your head through high speed.

The carbon fiber shell of this Voss half helmet makes it light-weight, yet sturdy. Weighing only 2lbs, this helmet is ideal for long and stress-free rides as you won’t feel any burden on your head.

Because of its durability, excellent safety features and top-notch quality, it is the best half helmet with visor you’d come across.However, the only downside to this helmet is the high price tag.

The helmet should not be too loose or too tight; it should fit just right. If you feel pain or pressure, you may have ordered a size too small. To ensure you purchase the right fit, we suggest taking a look at the sizing chart.


  • Safety guaranteed
  • 2lb weight
  • Antimicrobial liner
  • Removable and washable liner and visor
  • Drop-down smoke sun lens


  • Pricey

#8. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet - Carbon Fiber

best motorcycle half helmet


The Dayton Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet is meant to cater to heads of different sizes and shapes. As this motorcycle half helmet is available in a wide range of sizes, you'll have no trouble looking for your perfect fit.

This best dot half helmet ensures the safety of all riders. Certified by DOT and the FMVSS 218, the safety and quality of this helmet is guaranteed.

Are you worried about your helmet wobbling at high speeds? With Daytona Half Helmet, you shouldn’t. 

The chin strap keeps the helmet firmly planted onto your head, without making you feel uncomfortable. In addition, the easy release lock on the chin strap makes adjusting the helmet a piece of cake.

In terms of comfort, not only is the helmet light, but the helmet's design also allows the helmet to fit accurately against your head. 

Feel a bit doubtful about the helmet? No worries! If this helmet doesn't satisfy your preferences, you can simply return it as it comes with a 90-day no-risk money-back guarantee. 

Bonus: The color on these helmets will neither fade nor chip. With proper care, your helmet will always look as good as new.


  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • The color doesn't chip or fade
  • Different sizes available
  • Quick-release lock on chin strap
  • DOT approved


  • Visor not included

#9. Crazy Al's World's (Smallest Helmet)

best half helmets 2020


Are you sick and tired of the same old mushroom head helmet? Then the sleek design of this ‘Sons of Anarchy’ inspired helmet might suit you. This Crazy Al's World half helmet is small, light-weight, and fits snugly onto your head.

The straps allow you to adjust the half helmet according to your fit. Moreover, you don't have to struggle while trying to fix it as the quick release strap is quite user-friendly.

This one is the lightest half helmet on our list. However, don't let this fool you into thinking that it lacks in terms of protection. This CRazy Al's World helmet is DOT approved and meets the FMVSS 218 standards.

In addition, experienced riders can enjoy faster and longer rides with this half helmet, as it will endure the wind pressure and remain stable on top of your head.

When purchasing the helmet, we would suggest taking a look at the sizing chart. It is best to select a size smaller than that of a full-face helmet you’d usually go for. 

The first time you wear your helmet, it might feel a bit too snug, but that's alright. After the first few rides, it will adjust itself to fit your head.

While this helmet is slightly pricey, its sleek design paired with high protection makes it worth the investment.


  • Light-weight
  • DOT and FMVSS 218 approved
  • Fits the head snugly
  • Quick-release straps make it simple to use


  • Snug fit can be irritating in the beginning
  • Expensive

Buying Guide For Best Motorcycle Half Helmets

Now that you know some of the best half helmets in the market, let's take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages, and why they're important to consider when purchasing a half helmet.

Safety Concerns

One of the main concerns regarding half helmets is the amount of safety they provide. Given the design of half helmets, your face is left exposed in the open. While half helmets do provide comfort and ventilation, they can’t compete with full-face helmets in terms of safety and protection.

safest half helmet

However, as technology evolves, newer designs of half helmets come with tougher shells to enhance safety. Materials such as carbon-fiber and polycarbonate are quite sturdy and challenging to break.

Apart from sturdy shell construction, interior paddings also help absorb the shock of impact, while also providing riders more comfort. Some helmets also have space where you can attach a Bluetooth or communication device, to keep you connected while preventing the unnecessary distractions of smartphones. 

Coming to the most important aspect, the retention system or the chin strap is a crucial feature that helps in terms of safety. It ensures the helmet remains secured snugly onto your head while you ride your motorcycle.

Snug fit, coupled with appropriate ventilation makes these half helmets popular among most riders living in mild to arid climatic regions. 

Also, if you’re a pro and don’t want to hit the highway for long and fast rides, half helmets are for you.  In contrast, if you're a beginner, we suggest you stick to full-face helmets.

Ventilation and Breathability

If you've used full face helmets before, you're probably aware of how hot and suffocating they can get at times, especially during longer rides on hot days. One of the most significant advantages of half helmets is that they give riders more room to breathe.

best half helmet

This feature makes half helmets so popular. Since only half of your face is covered, there is more room for airflow and ventilation. Whereas, full face helmets cover more surface area, which means your head is not exposed much, so there is little room for air to flow. 

Although some full-helmets do come with ventilation systems, it's not the same as the airflow in a half helmet is much better.

Lack of Face Shield

As discussed earlier, the design of half helmets allows users to feel the wind on their faces. While the warm breeze makes you feel nice and cool, sometimes the wind brings along with it dust and debris as well. 

This can be uncomfortable. While visors can help cover your eyes, we recommend using a bandana to cover your mouth, chin, and neck areas. 

However, while a bandana will protect you from debris, it doesn't really protect your chin and neck area from impact.

If you've decided to stick to half helmets, it’s obvious that you’ve got used to riding through smoke, dust, and debris. To go with that, you must be familiar with other conditions such as rain and hail, in which a half-helmet is no more than a head-protection tool.

Again, new riders should choose a product that offers maximum safety and protection.

DOT Certified

Half helmets have been criticized in the past for not being safe enough. However, nowadays, the protection level of half helmets has increased. 

In the past, helmets were not tested for their safety standards. Now, however, a helmet cannot be sold in the US if it isn't certified by the Department of Transport (DOT). 

So, you don't have to worry too much about safety if your helmet meets all the safety standards as set by the DOT.

Why should Beginners not Use Half Helmets?

As we repeat multiple times, half helmets are meant for experienced adult riders, if you're new to riding and have yet to get the hang of the road, you need complete head protection, including your face. 

best half helmet

We suggest going for a full-face helmet as it offers more protection. Once you're more comfortable on the road, you can consider purchasing a half helmet.

We also suggest you look at your riding habits as well before getting a half helmet. If you ride at a fairly decent speed, then using a half helmet isn't a bad idea. On the other hand, if you're used to riding at high speed, half helmets can’t protect you from any impact on the face or the lower back of your head.

Alternatively, riders who spend a lot of time on the road may find half helmets more comfortable. We suggest you look at your preferences and needs before you purchase a helmet.


In terms of design, there are so many features to look into. 

Usually, the shell of half helmets is lined with plush liners to provide users with more comfort. Some helmets come with moisture-wicking liners, which help the interior remain dry. If hygiene is a concern, we recommend going for a helmet with a removable and washable liner.

Some helmet designs come with D-ring closures on the chin strap, while others have quick-release chin clasps. You may pick whichever suits you best.

In terms of style, you will find a large variety from classic to retro to sleek designs. For example, the bowl design is one of the most popular half helmet styles.

Additionally, some helmets also come with speaker pockets to allow connectivity. And if you need protection for your neck, some half helmets come with removable neck curtains. It really just depends on your preferences.


Another advantage of half helmets is that they tend to be lighter in comparison to full-face helmets. Usually, the materials used to construct these helmets are also light-weight. However, don't think the helmet lacks in terms of quality just because it is light-weight.

lightest half helmet

Manufactured with user comfort and safety in mind, half helmets usually weigh around 2lbs to 3lbs. On the other hand, full-face helmets can typically weigh around 5lbs to 8lbs.

Drop Down Shield

Want a helmet with some face protection? 

Some half helmets come with drop-down shields that add an extra level of protection. While it obviously isn't the same protection as a full helmet, it still provides cover for the area between your forehead and your nose. 

This visor will protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Moreover, it will also prevent dust and debris from getting into your eyes. With a drop-down visor, you can drive without getting distracted by the wind.

You can also find a variety in the type of visors. You could select a tinted visor or go for a transparent visor depending on your liking.

Other Accessories

Looking at the variety of brands and models of half helmets available, you can expect quite a lot of different types of accessories as well. If you want to increase your comfort, you can purchase additional accessories such as: 

  • Snap-on visors, 
  • Earmuffs 
  • Scarves 
  • Goggles

And the list goes on.

If you usually have a passenger riding with you, we recommend investing in a holder to store an extra helmet. 

Another accessory you could look into is a bike lock, which allows you to lock up your helmet to your bike. With a bike lock, you don't have to carry your helmet with you everywhere.

How do I Know if Half Helmet is Right for Me?

Half helmets are usually preferred by experienced riders, as they know how to ride on different types of roads in different weather conditions. On the other hand, newer riders may struggle to decide which type of helmet is best for them.

most comfortable half helmet

While looking for the best motorcycle half helmet for yourself, here are some questions you should ask yourself before selecting:

  • How often do you ride your motorcycle?
  • What speed do you ride your motorcycle at?
  • Do you go on long journeys?
  • What sort of roads do you usually travel on?
  • What sort of weather are you riding in?
  • How much is your budget?
  • Do you have any specific requirements?

You'll narrow down your preferences and requirements after answering these questions. It'll help you figure out the type of helmet best suited for you. 

Also, you can always get more than multiple helmets as well. 

You can experiment with the sort of style you are most comfortable riding in. Besides that, you can also switch helmets depending on where you're going, how long you're riding for, and the sort of weather you're riding in. 

If freedom is your main preference, then a half helmet will not fail to deliver.

Types of Motorcycle Half Helmets

Wondering what different types of motorcycle half helmets are available? There are mainly two types;

Traditional Half Helmets with Sun Shield

Most traditional half helmets that come with a sun shield are usually slightly heavier than conventional half helmets. Depending on the material used, you'll still be able to find some light-weight half helmets as well. 

Built-in visors are excellent for protecting your eyes from debris, dust, harsh sunlight, etc. Generally, you can flip down the visor when you need it. Alternatively, some visors are also retractable.

If you've opted for a traditional half helmet without a visor, we recommend getting goggles or sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Traditional Half Helmets

These low-profile half helmets that cover your head from your forehead to your eyebrows. With such motorcycle helmets, there isn't much covering your ears and neck. Your face is also uncovered. 

While these are not as safe as full-face helmets, you'll still be able to find traditional half helmets that are DOT approved.

Top The Best Half Hemet Brands

Curious to know which are some of the top brands that manufacture half helmets? After much research, we've shortlisted the following brands:

Bell Helmets

A well-known name when it comes to helmets, Bell has been making helmets for almost more than 60 years. It provides customers with uniquely built helmets, that are not only efficient but also user friendly.

You'll find some of the best motorcycle half helmets being manufactured by this company.

Vega Helmets

Based in Ohio, Vega Helmets has been in the helmet business since 1994. The company is known for testing out their helmets during the manufacturing process to ensure customers with the best quality. 

It is also known for designing helmets that suit both men and women. In addition, all products from Vega Helmets come with a five-year warranty.


HJC has been bringing to the market some of the best half helmets since 1971. Located in California, HJC produces some of the safest, comfortable, and stylish helmets. Moreover, if you're on a budget, this company will offer a wide range of products at an affordable price.

Money Matters and Motorcycle Half Helmet

How much exactly should you spend on a motorcycle helmet? We've broken it down for you, let's take a look:

Less than $50

Typically, you'll find a decent motorcycle half helmet at a fairly reasonable price. You'll also be able to find plenty that are DOT certified. 

However, we suggest that you carefully look into your helmet before purchasing it. Since some half helmets do not offer as much protection. Therefore, it is essential to do some research beforehand, as well.

Around $50 to $100

You might be able to find some really high-quality half helmets at a price above $50 but below $100. Not only do they provide high security, but some also come with great features such as sun visors and ventilation systems. 

Some half helmets even come with speaker pockets. Moreover, in terms of safety, helmets within this range are more sturdy and provide more protection.

Over $100

If you want the best of the best, you'll have to spend a little more cash. Helmets found within this range, have higher quality and offered more advanced features as well. 

Certain helmets come with removable neck curtains and adjustable dials for more accurate fit. We suggest you carefully look into the features of your half helmet before you decide to invest such a large sum of money into the helmet.


How do I know if my Motorcycle half helmet fits comfortably?

To get the best fit, we recommend looking at your head shape and size and then compare it with the manufacturer's sizing table. 

Generally, people have one of these three head shapes; long oval, intermediate oval, and round oval. If you want to figure out what shape your head is, you can ask someone to take a picture of the top of your head to figure it out.

The next step is to measure your head.

Don't know how to measure your head? Don't worry, it may seem complicated, but it's quite simple. You can ask someone to measure the circumference of your head with a soft measuring tape. Ask them to measure from above your eyebrows to the back of your head.

If you don't have a soft measure tape, you can also use a piece of string. Later you can measure the string against a ruler.

Once you have your measurement, try comparing it against the manufacturer's sizing chart. 

Remember, you need a helmet that is neither too loose nor too tight, something in between would be the best option. 

Tip: Before taking your helmet on a ride with you, wear it around the house for half an hour. Here are some things to take into consideration:

  • Does it feel uncomfortable? 
  • Are there any pressure points? 
  • Do you feel any pain?

As long as you don’t feel any pain, tightness is alright. Usually, if your helmet isn't the right fit, you'll feel discomfort in two places; on your forehead and just above your temples. So, keep this in mind when you try out your half helmet.

Are helmets compulsory in every state?

Not really. We suggest you go and check your state's motorcycle and safety laws to check if you're required to wear a helmet. However, we would suggest wearing a helmet even if it's not compulsory in your state. 

Helmets provide an extra level of protection while you're on the road. Safety should always be a priority.

Can I wear glasses/goggles with my half helmet?

The best part of most half helmets is that they give you more room to wear goggles or glasses. As you face us usually exposed, pairing your helmet with sunglasses/goggles gives you extra protection. 

Can I attach a camera to my half helmet?

Usually, you can mount a camera onto any helmet. However, we highly recommend you check in with your helmet manufacturer first as some helmets might not be able to bear the extra weight.

Which helmet is the best for long rides?

To answer in simple, the best helmets are the most comfortable ones. This means that they should provide ventilation, protection, and should be light-weight. 

Depending on the sort of conditions you're riding in, a half helmet would be an excellent option to go with. Do take into consider the weather and the type of road you’ll be travelling on when picking your helmet.


By now, you probably understand that there are many things to consider when buying a half helmet for yourself. Safety and comfort are two essential features. In addition, finding the right fit is also crucial.

Now that you also know some of the top rated half helmets in the market, you'll have no trouble selecting the best motorcycle half helmet for yourself.

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