The 4 Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

It can be said that helmets are evolving with the development of science and technology.

Today's helmets are not only beautiful but also very convenient.

A lot of accessories are added to the helmet to enhance the user experience. Among them are helmet cameras.

We have spent many hours researching on the internet and read customer feedback and expert reviews.

Finally, we can come out with this list of the the four best motorcycle helmet cameras to help you can choose one. 

In other words, we have helped you narrow down the options from hundred models out there. 

Here we suggest you the GoPro HERO Session, GoPro HERO5, iON Camera Contour ROAM3, and Ion 1011L.

The first two models are something we would particularly like to suggest for you because of the outstanding quality pictures and high-resolution videos they produce.

The 4 best motorcycle helmet cameras

GoPro Session Action Camera

The most highlighted features of this GoPro Session Action Camera are the versatility and ease of use.

It has a handy button that you can easily press to start recording, and when you stop recording, the cam will shut down itself to save power.

As we mentioned earlier, this camera can produce high-quality videos and pictures of 1080p and 8MP. This cam can be usable under wet conditions.

Best motorcycle helmet camera


  • Easy to use - There is a power button to operate the cam and it shuts down automatically.
  • Durable and waterproof
  • High-quality videos and pictures


  • Wind noise can affect your videos
  • Quite short battery life - with one charge, you can use the cam for 90minutes.

GoPro HERO5 Helmet Cam

 If you search this name on the internet, you will receive thousands of results.

This said the GoPro Hero5 helmet cam is really popular in the market today.

Why? Because it is versatile, durable, and can produce high-quality videos.

Specifically, you can shoot 4K resolution videos with different modes including time-lapse, and take 12MP resolution pictures.

The HERO5 helmet cam can adapt to various types of conditions including the wet, it can be used at 33 feet under the water. You can use the cam for 90 minutes for one charge.

motorcycle helmet camera reviews


  • This cam use senor technology and you can shoot videos of different modes including Time Lapse.
  • Durable, waterproof, and adaptable to harshest conditions.
  • Produce high-quality videos with 4K and 12MP resolution. 


  • No Secure Digital card 
  • iON Camera Contour ROAM3

iON Camera Contour ROAM3

This cam can produce video in 1080p and two other resolutions.

As for the photo capture feature, you can toggle between single-shot and interval modes.

The built-in laser can help you archive the accuracy while shooting. 

The iON Camera Contour ROAM3 is super convenient. It has a 170-degree angle lens which provides you a larger field of view.

Also, it can rotate 270 degrees. This feature ensures you can capture footage from different angles. The microphone allows you to record your voice clearly in your video. 

You can start to use this helmet cam with just with one slide.

best motorcycle helmet cameras


  • 170-degree angle lens and 270-degree rotation.
  • the Built-in microphone will help you with your footages voiceover.
  • video quality solution can be up to 1080
  •  Simple and reliable 


  • Unreplaceable battery - this means you can’t use the cam while charging it

Ion 1011L

The Ion 1011L provides you the high-quality videos in 720p-1080p.

The ultra-wide-angle lens will help you capture the wider landscape you like.

This cam allows you to take photos in 14MP resolution, and it also offers the Time-lapse mode. 

If you want to voiceover your videos, then you should definitely go with the Ion 1011L.

With this, making documentary videos becomes more easily.

The waterproof feature making this cam more valuable. 

The camera doesn’t have a micro SD or micro SDHC card, so if you wish to save your data, you have to buy these cards separately.

The outstanding feature of this cam is the wifi connectivity.

You can review your works and upload them on social media through Apple or Android apps.

This way, you can do everything with the data on your cam without touching it, and it is really time-saving as well. 

motorcycle helmet cam reviews


  • Durable and adaptable to different weather conditions.
  • Various modes of video shootings including time-lapse and burst-shot
  • Wifi compatible with multiple mobile apps.


  • No ready memory cards, you will have to buy them separately
  • Relatively short battery life

So we are done our job here, now it’s your turn to make the final decision. Believe me, with just a camera HelmetsZone recommended above, your helmet will become more interesting right away!

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