Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews In 2020 & Buyer Guide

There’s nothing quite like riding a motorcycle on an empty road chasing the sunset. But first thing’s first, safety is of utmost importance. While riding a motorcycle, you need the best motorcycle helmet to prevent critical head injuries or even death. 

No matter what your use of the motorcycle is, a helmet is a must. Whether you use it for commuting or adventure riding, you need a helmet that’s best for your ride. It can help absorb shock on impact, keeping your skull protected. 

A helmet is an important investment in your safety. Therefore, it only makes sense to buy something quality, durable, and reliable. And of course, not every helmet is expensive, and you have some budget-friendly options too. 

This post will cover everything you need to know before buying a motorcycle helmet. The following motorcycle helmet reviews cover a wide range of helmets, so there’s something for every type of rider. You’ll also find information regarding the top motorcycle helmet brands. 

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This list of helmets carefully reviews the features, applications, pros, and cons of each helmet.

#1. Arai XD4 Helmet

best rated motorcycle helmets


The Arai XD4 is part of the XD range of helmets, which gave rise to all the ADV helmet hype. This is one of the safest, but also one of the most versatile motorcycle helmets out there. This is the fourth-generation model of the XD series.


They have made this helmet to seamlessly go from road helmet to a motocross helmet. You remove the shield, wear goggles, and you can turn it into a dirt helmet. It’s also quite versatile in terms of colors, as you have plenty of options. 

You’ll find ventilation to be the strongest suit of the XD4. It features diffusers that force a lot of air through the helmet. That’s only supplemented with the proprietary brow vents that are very effective in directing air to your sweat temples. 

Furthermore, you have the face vent at the bottom, which does a great job of keeping air out of your face. However, there’s no vent on the forehead part, mainly because they do not want to compromise on safety around that area. As far as noise is concerned, you’ll need some earplugs, as it does not have ear pockets to dampen the noise.

The shell is made of Complex Laminate Construction or CLC. The company says it uses super fibers, which is basically top-quality fiberglass. This makes the shell quite rigid, which some might say does not absorb shock so well during impact. 

Arai helmets are known for their comfort, and the XD4 helmet is no exception. It features a multiple-density single-body liner, which is removable. This MicroFit liner has removable temple pads to provide a better fit. 

The XD4 has an oval internal shape that fits most heads, provided you choose the right size. This top motorcycle helmet also has the quintessential Facial Contour System (FCS). This system basically brings the helmet right on your jawline, as if it’s taken the shape of your facial contours. 

Not that it makes a significant difference, but this helmet skids rather than grip when there’s an impact. The fact that it provides one of the best fits in racing helmets is signal enough for its safety. Since it fits so well, it’s automatically safer than any poorly fitting helmet, regardless of its qualities and features. 


This helmet meets all the safety standards for both the European and American markets. As a result, it’s DOT and SNELL certified. It’s also ECE 22-05 tested, which is a safety standard in Europe. 


  • Excellent fit
  • Facial Contour System (FCS) adds more comfort
  • Versatile (also good for dirt motorcycling)
  • Brow vents
  • Peak works as sunroof as well as roost-guard


  • Not quite lightweight
  • Noise control is average

#2. Bell Qualifier DLX - Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

best budget motorcycle helmet


The Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet is one of the best rated motorcycle helmets because of its lightweight. You know you’re getting something good value when you’re buying from one of the oldest motorcycle helmet manufacturers. Also, it does not hurt that it looks great too.


The shell of this helmet is an injected polymer composite shell. This is basically polycarbonate in simpler terms, which is why the helmet is lightweight. Though it may be lightweight, it certainly is strong enough to protect your head from impact. 

The best feature of the DLX helmet is perhaps its visor. They have included a Transitions Adaptive Shield at a low price point, which makes this helmet all the more desirable. This light-reactive shield darkens when UV rays hit. 

Another great feature within the shield is the NutraFog anti-fog coating. The Click Release system of the shield makes it incredibly easy to change shields. 

The interior lining is removable, washable, and moisture-wicking, everything you could want from a helmet lining. Then you have the padded wind collar to reduce noise and air going inside the helmet. However, it has holes and lacks padding, which results in more noise than some of the high-end models of race helmets. 

In this helmet, ventilation is pretty good as there are quite a lot of exhaust holes. You have four brow vents, two crown vents, and some chin vents. The latter vents are controlled by a single switch. 

In addition to all these controllable vents, there are also four more vents on the back that stay open. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the air circulation is pretty good. You will not sweat or feel hot so much. 

Aside from all the essential features, it also has speaker pockets. There’s a removable panel on the side that you can use to connect Bell Sena SMH10 or Cardo Scala Rider Q1/Q3 Bluetooth intercom. 


As for safety, this helmet has a SHARP rating of 3 out of 5. It’s not the best score, mainly because of the polycarbonate shell. Nevertheless, it does meet the DOT and ECE certification standards. 


  • Transitions Adaptive Shield that protects from UV light
  • Easy to change shields
  • Contoured cheek pads provide a snug fit
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Five-year warranty


  • Not quite lightweight
  • Noise control is average

#3. Shoei RF-1200 Motorcycle Helmet

best motorcycle helmet reviews


The Shoei RF-1200 is the best motorcycle helmet in every which way. The company has mastered the art and science behind effective and aesthetically pleasing helmets. This show starter is a great example of what a perfect motorcycle helmet should be like. 

If you know the popular RF-1100, the RF-1200 is it’s successor, and definitely a considerable improvement over that. Compared to the RF-1100, it’s lighter and has much better aerodynamics. Also, the new look is a big plus.


This one cuts down the wind noise significantly due to its streamlined design. This alone makes it more suitable for the road, in addition to racing. The aerodynamic stability is much better on this one. 

The ventilation on this helmet is truly next level, as the company claims. Developing it in the state of the art wind tunnel facility, they have managed to create a balance between airflow and noise. This is done through four exhausts for inflow and outflow of air. 

These ventilation exhausts are carefully positioned to not just ventilate air but also regulate the temperature inside the helmet. As a result, cool air comes in, and warm air goes out. 

The shield system features some very innovative design upgrades. The CWR-1 visor has ribs that prevent bending and add more durability. Also, it has one of the widest fields of view, with the non-intrusive side peripherals.

This model has the oval internal shape, which is common in Shoei helmets. This shape makes the helmet suitable for all head shapes. Adding to the comfortable snug fit, you have the internal washable and hypoallergenic lining. 

The EPS multi-density liner has a softer layer in the lower half of the helmet, whereas the top half has more brittle, perforated material. This is to provide maximum protection for the head. The 3D-Max interior is great with dissipating sweat, so the inside stays pretty dry. 

Speaking of the inside environment, the RF-1200 features a thick neck roll and one on the back. These block out air and noise. However, it does not have something like that for the chin, so it might not be fully sealed after all. 


This is a racing helmet, designed to be comfortable and safe. Meeting both DOT and SNELL M2015 safety standards, RF-1200 is as safe as it gets with a helmet. In addition, it has the proprietary Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ shell, which is pretty rigid.


  • Pin-lock visor
  • Matte finish looks quite stylish
  • Great aerodynamics, reducing noise
  • Relatively lighter than typical race helmets
  • Ribs on top and bottom of the shield


  • Lacks ventilation near the chin area
  • Pin-lock visor insert is not great for night riding

#4. ScorpionExo Covert COV-0105 Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Helmet

best motorcycle helmet for visibility


If you want to look like stormtroopers when riding your motorcycle, this Scorpion Exo Covert helmet will do the job. The look of the helmet is as creative as a sci-fi movie helmet. That said, it’s not all looks, it’s a functional, quality helmet as well. 

The COV-0105 helmet looks like a full-face helmet, sort of, but it essentially is an open face helmet. That, because of the plastic face guard that covers the face and gives it a full-face appearance. You also have a retractable sun visor that’s good with reducing glare and has an anti-fog coating.


The shell of the helmet is made of LG polycarbonate. The company swears by the engineering behind the production of this shell. While some might say polycarbonate is not the toughest, it’s still one of the most common materials for helmets. 

The plastic faceguard is simply plastic, so it will not give you the protection a full-fledged lined full-face helmet would. However, it still protects your face from the wind and dust. 

The front faceguard/mask is quite easy to remove. It has neodymium magnets that keep it strictly in position. You also have a clear shield for nighttime riding. 

Another strong point of this helmet, besides its undeniably cool look, is its ventilation. You have forehead vents that operate with a slider. The vents on the faceguard always stay open. 

If you still need ventilation, you can always take off the faceguard. Even with that on, the air circulation is pretty impressive. The Scorpion Exo Covert seamlessly goes from full-face to open-face to half-face. 

The sizing of the Covert helmet can be tricky to figure out. With two different shell sizes, you don’t really know which one would fit best. However, use prior helmets as a guide to choosing the right size for this. 

The liner inside the helmet is Scorpion’s KwikWick 2, which is good with moisture wicking. You also have cheek pads that have Velcro to attach to the helmet’s lining. 


The helmet has dual-density EPS lining. Therefore, it should do a decent job of protecting your head. However, don’t expect too much from the plastic on the front of your face. It does have a DOT certification, but the EPE certification certifies it as non-protective. 


  • Three-in-one helmet
  • Futuristic look
  • Easily removable faceguard
  • Great ventilation
  • Bluetooth speaker pocket


  • Does not provide the same protection as a full-face helmet
  • Non-protective rating by EPE

#5. O’Neal Unisex Off-Road SIERRA II Helmet

best motorcycle helmet 2020


If you’re tight on budget, the O’Neal Unisex SIERRA II Helmet is the best budget motorcycle helmet. The shape, the look, and the features are all close to high-end helmets, without the exorbitant cost. On top of that, this is a unisex helmet that both male and female riders can wear. 


The shell of this helmet is made of ABS plastic, which is strong but also lightweight. The design of the shell is quite unique, with quite a lot of edges and lines. It’s not like those regular circular or oval helmets, instead, it has a distinct racer look. 

This full-face adventure helmet has an integrated face shield. You get two visors, one of which is tinted. Since this is more on the budget-friendly side, there are not many advanced features in the shields.

Unlike those high-end helmets, you don’t get any kind of anti-fog shield or coating. You’d probably be better off simply leaving a little gap to prevent fogging. The two notches basically make it easy to lift it up or down. 

The ventilation is pretty on point with multiple vents in every essential position. You have plenty of vents near the mouth that have a lever to close them. Then there are vents on the jawline and the rear of the helmet. 

The lining inside the helmet is moisture-wicking, removable, and washable. It does have a mesh overlay, which also aids in ventilation. The cheek pads are quite soft and make the helmet fit more snugly. 

You also get an optional chin pad that you can use to stop air. Also, for extra safety, this model features a padded chin strap with a double-D lock. This is, of course, more secure than clip-in straps. 


As for safety, it’s interesting that this helmet has DOT certification because its predecessor hasn’t got one. That shows that the company worked on it to improve its safety. The ECE 22-05 ratings for this helmet are also favorable.


  • Cutting-edge almost robotic shell design
  • Comfortable and moisture-wicking lining
  • Double-D lock chin strap
  • Efficient ventilation
  • Good value for money
  • Sun visor eliminates the need to wear sunglasses


  • No anti-fogging
  • The mesh on the liner could be allergic for some people

#6. Shoei Neotec II Helmet

top rated motorcycle helmets


The Shoei Neotec II Helmet is a modular helmet that has managed to change the narrative around such helmets. Usually considered less safe and noisy, the Neotec II solved all those problems. It’s deservingly one of the top rated motorcycle helmets from Shoei. 


The company has included every feature you could think of in a full-face helmet. From speakers to sun visors, this one contains everything. Furthermore, you can also remove the chin bar to eat or speak. 

As always, the aerodynamics of this helmet is exceptional, which is something common with a Shoei helmet. They use wind tunnel testing, so the results are pretty great with aerodynamics. 

In addition, this is good for reducing noise. The noise reduction is only amplified by the vortex generator and visor. 

The Flip-up Face Cover and shield have a 360 degrees pivot locking system made of stainless steel components. As a result, it closes firmly and securely. 

You can disengage the shield and the chin bar by simply pressing a button. They’ve made the button large so one can press it easily while wearing gloves. 

The sun-shield, which is a QSV-1 shield, is great at preventing sun glare. It also meets the ANSI Z80.3-2010 standard. This visor is very good with UV light blocking, considerably improving riding in daylight. 

The Neotec II is quite rich in features, and one of those features is the Pinlock Evo fog-resistant liner. Another great feature is the QR chin strap that releases quickly. The forehead area is raised a bit to accommodate the sun shield. 

This is a truly high-end helmet, which means it has a hefty price tag. However, if there’s one thing that justifies this price is the shell. 

Another major change is with the vents as they have been reduced. The removable and washable liner with cheek also features mesh fabric that increases ventilation. The adjustable upper air intake ensures all the hot air flows out. 

In terms of fit and comfort, Shoei provides multiple sizes of the helmet and the liners. You can choose differently to make it fit your head comfortably. 


This is one of the best motorcycle helmet as far as safety is concerned. The shell features dual-layer EPS lining that’s great with shock absorption on impact. You’ll also find that the shell shape has improved since the original Neotec.

The Neotec II is DOT certified and meets all necessary safety standards.


  • High-quality sun shield
  • Easy to lift chin bar
  • Dual EPS lining in shell
  • QR chin strap
  • Great noise dampening for a modular helmet


  • Very expensive
  • Only works with specific audio system

#7. Bell Pit Boss (Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet)

the best motorcycle helmets


If you don’t necessarily need a full-face helmet, this Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Helmet will do a great job. It’s exceptional in protecting the parts it covers. The so-called Trimatrix composite shell, along with the EPS design, makes for a sturdy cover. 

This cruiser helmet also has a vintage look going on for itself, which is an aesthetic some riders actually prefer. The spherical shape is iconic of the helmets riders used back in the day. With a built-in sunshade, it does provide protection from the sun and improves the peripheral vision in high light conditions.


The highlight of this open-face helmet is the speed dial adjustment system. This speed dial is basically a knob at the back, on the inside. Using this dial, you can adjust the helmet to fit your head perfectly. 

This system essentially eliminates a common problem with open-face helmets, which is that they’re unstable on the rider’s head when riding. You don’t have to worry about that with the Pit Boss, as it will stick to your head like your skin. That said, you still should choose the right size. 

This cruiser helmet is not the cheapest in the market, but it’s still reasonable. Also, it’s from Bell, which is a recognizable brand in the world of motorcycle helmets. In other words, the construction and materials, everything is high-quality. 

Other secondary features include speaker pockets and optional replacement lenses, which are available separately. This is a safe purchase as the company gives a long five-year warranty.


There’s a removable neck curtain for when you’re riding in a cold climate. This one is also DOT certified and meets the FMVSS 218 standard. The weight of the helmet is quite minimal, coming in at only three pounds.


  • Great fit, thanks to the speed dial system
  • Vintage and classy look
  • Meets all safety standards necessary for cruiser helmets
  • Comfortable interior
  • Five-year warranty


  • Dropdown vision is not the best for people using corrective glasses
  • A bit expensive

#8. Bell Custom 500 (Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet)

motorcycle helmet reviews


The Bell Custom 500 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet is a classic. You can customize this one with your choice of visors and shields. The helmet comes with five snap patterns to attach a visor or shield. 

Since it’s reasonably priced, Custom 500 is also the best affordable motorcycle helmet.


The low-profile helmet shell contains a multi-density EPS liner. Made of fiberglass, it’s sturdy enough to withstand impact. However, as it’s an open-face helmet, it’s best if you use it for regular riding, not racing. 

Another great thing about this helmet is its interior, which has an antibacterial lining. Your helmet will not stink because of sweat accumulation. Since it’s an open-face helmet bringing in lots of air, you won’t have to deal with moisture accumulation. 

Custom 500 is customizable in more than one way. In addition to your choice of shield, you can also decorate the shell with stickers. This would be one of your prized possessions with a personal touch you would want to hold on to forever. 

The helmet closes with a padded chin strap with D-ring closure. There’s also a strap keeper to secure things further. You have five shell and liner sizes to choose from, which should ideally give you a snug fit. 

The Custom 500 helmet comes in a wide range of colors. Almost all the helmet colors have a glossy finish. The look is 70s retro, which is quite trendy these days.  

You can add a three stud peak, flat, or bubble screen, whatever suits your ride’s needs. Since there are five studs, it also gives you a full wrap-around option. All in all, it’s a great way to save money, too, as you’re at liberty to choose the type and price of accessories.


Since it’s from Bell, you can be sure about quality and safety. This particular model is DOT certified. It’s quite lightweight and low-profile, weighing just 2.8 pounds. 


  • Customizable helmet
  • Low-profile fiberglass shell
  • Retro look with many color options
  • Anti-bacterial inner lining
  • Five-year warranty


  • A bit basic
  • Not a lot of padding

#9. HJC Star Wars Unisex CS-R3 Trooper Helmet

best motorcycle helmet for beginners


The HJC Star Wars theme helmet is every Star Wars fan's fantasy come true, provided they ride bikes. Even if you don’t, this could be a collectible. However, it’s not just a theme helmet, it’s also good at its job of protecting your head. 


This helmet features a polycarbonate composite shell, which is, of course, lightweight. The shell is hard enough to resist impact. It features the blue air-supply hose inspired stripes. 

The face shield of this HJC helmet has an anti-scratch coating. Additionally, this shield blocks 95% of the UV rays. You can lock the visor pretty easily and quickly, using the switch on the left. 

The HJC RapidFire Replacement System provides quick, tool-free installation of the shield. As a full-face helmet, it provides decent noise dampening. The micro buckle strap is easy to use, even with gloves on. 

The Advanced Channeling Ventilation System provides a thorough, front to back, airflow. As a result, the inside stays ventilated, and there’s no moisture problem. You can also deal with the fog with the pinlock on the shield. 

The interior has a plus Nylex lining, which is removable and washable. You also have optional cheek pads. If you’re having trouble with the fit, these pads can come in handy. 

You have multiple sizes, and each size comes with its corresponding cheek pads. The efficient airflow, combined with a lightweight shell, makes it super comfortable. 


This one is also DOT certified, so you can rest assured that it meets the necessary safety standards. In terms of construction, it’s quite reliable, even though it’s not expensive at all. For this reason, it’s the best motorcycle helmet for the money


  • High-quality shell
  • Great trooper-style look
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • Multi-function shield
  • Interchangeable and washable cheek pads
  • Good value for money


  • Average construction
  • No advanced features

#10. Bell Moto-9 Mips (Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet)

best motorcycle helmet under 500


As you can see, Bell dominates this list with yet another best motorcycle helmet. The Moto-9 helmet is one of Bell’s most innovative products. It’s such a stylish looking helmet, you would think it’s not meant for dirt riding.


This one gives the impression that it’s heavy and bulky, but it’s not. They’ve used carbon fiber for the shell to reduce the weight significantly. Using cutting-edge technology in design, the company has created a truly beautiful, lightweight polycarbonate shell. 

The Moto-9 helmet features the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). This technology basically reduces the intensity of impact by decreasing the rotational force. As a result, it’s pretty reliable for off-road adventures and perhaps racing, as well. 

You also have some other great features like the Magnefusion magnetic cheek pads. These cheek pads are easily removable and washable. It also uses the Magnetic Emergency Release System (MERS) that allows first responders to remove the helmet easily and gently (There’s a sticker on the helmet indicating this). 

The Flying Bridge visor system is good at protection from the sun. You can easily adjust it to wherever you want it to be using the QuickFlip screws. 

The Velocity flow ventilation system is quite effective. Regardless of the outside temperatures, the inside environment of the helmet stays cool. The vents suck cool air into the helmet and move warm air out. 

As for comfort and fit, this has an oval shape that fits most heads well. You just need to choose the right size, using the size guide. What makes it most comfortable is its minimal weight; you might not feel like you’re wearing a big full-face helmet.


This top motorcycle helmet has high safety rankings. Firstly, it’s DOT certified and meets or exceeds the FMVSS 218 certifications. Secondly, it’s also SNELL 2015 certified for use in the US. 


  • MIPS for maximum protection against impact
  • Easy to remove emergency system
  • Extremely lightweight shell and lining
  • Lots of color/design options
  • Five-year warranty


  • Quite pricey

Buying Guide for the Best Motorcycle Helmet

If you have the right information at hand, it’ll be easier for you to find the best motorcycle helmet. There are several things to consider, some more technical than others. Most importantly, you should know how to gauge the safety of a helmet.

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing a motorcycle helmet:

Safety Certification

Since safety is number one, let’s talk about that first. There are tests and certifications that indicate whether a helmet model meets the safety requirements. In the US, what you’re mainly looking for is the DOT certification. 

The Department of Transportation (DOT) follows the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 218 guide for certifying helmets. The manufacturer would explicitly state whether it’s DOT certified, and the helmet itself will have a sticker indicating this. 

best motorcycle helmet for the money

There’s another certification to look out for, and that’s SNELL. The SNELL Memorial Foundation is a non-profit that certifies the safety of motorcycle helmets. 

This certification is more robust and superior, but it’s not mandatory like DOT. The non-profit issues new testing standards every five years, so their tests continuously evolve as new technology becomes available. 

You’ll usually find more expensive models to be SNELL certified. Other countries have their own safety certification. For instance, in Europe, you have the ECE 22.05 standard, which is basically their version of DOT certification. 

Many helmet brands that sell globally usually go for all major certifications, so they can sell in different countries. At the very least, make sure the helmet is DOT certified. 

Type of Motorcycle Helmet

They are a few variations in the helmet designs, so you should figure out which type is best for you.

motorcycle helmet reviews

Full-Face Helmet: This type of helmet covers your face and head fully. There’s only an opening for eyes with a clear or tinted shield or visor. 

Open-Face Helmet: Open-face helmets only cover the head, back, and sides. They leave the face visible. These are popular for use with scooters. 

Half Helmet: Half helmet only covers the head, covering the back of the head only halfway. These have a vintage look as they were common. These are also DOT certified. 

Modular Helmet: Modular Helmets are essentially full-face helmets, but the chin bar flips up or separates completely. So these are a hybrid of full-face and open-face helmets. 

Motocross or Off-road Helmets: These are full-face helmets with more pronounced and angular chin bars. This type of helmet usually features soundproofing, full ventilation, and sun peaks.

Size and Comfort

No matter how safe and high-quality your helmet is, if it’s uncomfortable, you’ll never get the best out of it. 

Choosing the right size is extremely important to ensure fit and comfort. After all, you could be wearing the helmet for hours on end. Ideally, it should fit snugly, without putting any pressure on your head or face. 

Helmets usually come in four to five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL). You need to measure the circumference of your head to know the right size. Keep in mind that these helmets also have liners, so take that into account as well. 

The lining should be soft and breathable, as well. Some high-end helmets also feature moisture-wicking linings that keep the inside moisture-free at all times. 

Most manufacturers give a detailed size guide to help find the right size. You can measure your head or use an existing helmet to find which size is appropriate for you. 


Ventilation is very important, especially for full-face and open-face helmets. It has more to do with comfort than safety, but should not be overlooked. Most full-face helmets feature vents for airflow on the chin, forehead, and rear. 

If the helmet lacks proper ventilation, you’re going to feel hot and sweaty inside. Not only would that be uncomfortable, but it will also leave the helmet stinking. 


It’s imperative that the helmet does not limit or intrude with your vision. Most helmets are equipped with shields that are designed to improve visibility under different conditions. For instance, sun shields or visors can reduce glare and protect your face from UV rays. 

best safety rated motorcycle helmets

Similarly, when riding the motorcycle at night, fog can be a problem. Ideally, you need a shield with anti-fog properties. However, it’s not a necessary feature, as you can simply remove the shield. 

If you’re going to wear glasses or goggles, make sure the helmet gives enough room to put these on. Many off-road riders prefer wearing goggles to a shield. However, a good protective shield can eliminate the need to buy goggles separately. 

Chin Strap

The chin strap is a very standard feature in helmets, but should not take a backseat while buying one. You should look into how the chin locks. 

Commonly, the helmet chin straps have clips or D-ring locks. Either could work, but the latter is perhaps more secure. It should also have quality rivets, so no matter how fast you’re going, the strap stays intact. 


Those who take their motorcycle rides very seriously consider the helmet’s design very important. Helmets can add to the overall motorcycle aesthetic. Some riders prefer to match the helmet with their motorcycle and kit. 

best motorcycle helmet

This is more of a personal preference, so you’ll just need to figure out what exactly you want. There’s no shortage of choices in terms of colors and designs. 

Off-road helmets perhaps have the most design features with their sharp edges, contours, and peaks. You can find some really cool looking helmets in this category.


Helmets vary widely in terms of prices, based on brand, type of helmet, features, etc. Typically, full-face helmets and off-road helmets are the priciest. These can cost upwards of $250. 

If you need something basic for cruising or commuting on a motorcycle, you can go for more affordable options. Some models, while having decent quality, would only set you back 100 to 150 bucks. 

Don’t pay exorbitant money for features you’ll never use. If you’re not going motocross, you don’t need a dirt helmet, regardless of how cool it looks. 


Another important thing to consider is the warranty, especially if you’re paying more than $500 for a helmet. Most manufacturers of high-end helmets have a warranty for a year to five years. This is good as it makes your purchase safer. 

Top 4 Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

You should also know what the top motorcycle helmet brands are. Choosing a trusted, tested, and well-known brand takes out all the guesswork. You just know you’re spending your money in the right place. 

Here are the brands you need to know about:

HJC Helmets

HJC is also an old company, which produces helmets of all kinds. They make bicycle helmets, motorcycle helmets, and motor helmets. All their products are top class. 

This is the best helmet brand based out of North America. However, it’s popular all over the world. One thing that motorcyclists seem to love about HJC helmets is the comfort they offer. 

best motorcycle helmet brands

Another reason why HJC is so popular is that they provide a wide range of prices. From mid-range to high-end, you can find a plethora of varieties of helmets within your budget. They also have state of the art wind tunnel testing facilities that ensure their helmets deliver on your expectations. 

HJC is a sponsor in many races, including the MotoGP. With distribution in over 65 countries, this is truly a global brand. The fact that they only focus on helmets goes to show how much work goes into the helmets.

Shoei Helmets

Shoei is a Japanese helmet maker that began in 1959 in Tokyo. When it comes to high-end helmets, both regular and motocross, Shoei is a name that can be trusted. 

top motorcycle helmet brands

The company has been at the forefront of helmet innovations. Some of the things that are common today in helmets were pioneered by the Japanese company. They used the carbon fiber in helmet shells and changed helmets forever.

Shoei was also the first one to use Kevlar, which is basically a strong material used in helmets. Their helmets go the extra mile when it comes to safety testing, so you’ll find almost all major security certifications (DOT, SNELL, SHARP, and ECE).  

This company has almost a cult-like following, especially in the motocross world. Those in the know consider Shoei to be the best brand for motorcycle helmets. Usually, you get a five-year warranty with most of their helmets. 

It’s not a very big company and has less than 500 employees. Shoei is perhaps a classic example of quality over quantity. For that reason, their helmets are quite expensive too. 

The helmets are particularly great with noise dampening, which is something often overlooked. In the racing world, noise dampening is important, as it can affect performance. However, that’s not the only plus of Shoei helmets.

Arai Helmets

Arai Helmets is the oldest of the brands in this list, going as far back as 1921. It’s a Japanese company that prides itself on making its helmets by hand. If you’re looking for extraordinary craftsmanship in your helmet, Arai is the answer. 

best motorcycle helmet brands

Moto racers, Nicky Haden and Dany Pedrosa are often seen wearing Arai helmets on the tracks. These motocross helmets are known for their exceptional comfort. The company treats comfort just as important as safety. 

Speaking of safety, most Arai helmets are SNELL certified, which uses advanced testing technology and processes. As a result, these are some of the safest helmets in the world. 

It’s interesting that the company actually has its roots in hats. They started off with hats and moved to military headwear, before finally moving to helmets. Their helmets have continuously ranked on top for customer satisfaction in the J.D. Power and Associates Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction studies.  

Bell Helmets

Bell Helmets is another name that needs no introduction. The company started in 1956 as part of the Bell Auto Parts. But they really came on to the motorcycle scene when they released the first full-face helmet, back in 1971. 

The American company is headquartered in Illinois but enjoys a global reputation. You’ll find Bell helmets to be extremely functional. This company clearly values function over form, which is what some riders want. 

Motocross racers are die-hard fans of Bell Sports. Motocross riders like James Stewart have long been an advocate of Bell, wearing their helmets on the ground. 

With a lot of attention to detail, the company produces true masterpieces. It’s also great in terms of variety, as they produce all sorts of helmets. From open-face to full-face dirt helmets, everything is produced under a single roof. 

The Bell Star MIPS has completely revolutionized safety in helmets - Like, it’s never been safer to ride a motorcycle. This technology is making sure to minimize impact to the head.

Bell helmets are also DOT, and SNELL certified. These usually have a long five-year warranty, which makes their products all the more desirable. 


The best motorcycle helmet can guarantee safety and protection while riding the motorcycle. It’s important to give time and consideration when buying a helmet. Accidents can happen, no matter how experienced or careful you are. 

If you’re a motocross racer, you’ll also need to invest in other safety gear. But for normal riders, a helmet is usually the only safety gear they need. Regardless, it should be high-quality and get the job done. 

Compare different models to see which ones meet your needs and have the best value for your money. These helmets are pretty sturdy and can last a lifetime. But you should try to take care of it to ensure that they do last long.

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