Top 6 Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

Most riders prefer full-face motorcycle helmets because of their ultimate protection. However, there are riders who always use open-face models.

This can be explained that open-face lids are more comfortable than the full-face type. If you are looking for a new motorcycle helmet, this list of the 6 best open-face motorcycle helmets will help a lot. Read on!

best open face motorcycle helmets

This model looks like the helmet of fighter pilots. The Riviera V3 Sway is considered to break the classic retro style of Caberg.

The model is suitable to use in the city road. It is also good for long rides thanks to the anti-scratch visor which can protect you from the wind blowing on your face and the bugs and dust hitting your eyes. 

The chinstraps are strong and there is a quick-release system. If you are looking for a budget-friendly lid, this one is definitely worth your choice.


  • Anti-scratch visor with a quick-release mechanism
  • Internal air circulation
  • Removable liner
  • Color availability: Matt black/white
  • Lightweight


  • Less padding than others.

#2. Bell Custom 500

open face helmets

This model has a classic outer look but features 21-century modern protection.

At a mid-range price, this helmet gives you some outstanding features like composite fiberglass construction and custom suede interior lining. 

In addition, you will be able to add some accessories to your helmet with the ready external studs. 


  • Padded chin strap
  • Matt black color
  • D-ring leather tab
  • 5-year warranty


  • Quite expensive

#3. Scorpion Exo-Belfast

best open face helmets

The manufacturers said this has a vintage style. This helmet looks like the stormtrooper’s caps from science fiction movies, and the protective features are simulated in almost the same way which makes the Scorpion Exo-Belfast very cool. 

The outer shell is made from advanced polycarbonate. The chinstrap is wider and thicker than other models which means to provide better protection.

The area around the ears and cheeks is the protrusion of the double density lining. This is also where the chinstraps connect. The internal sun visor is retractable and removable.


  • Micrometric retention system
  • Reflective strip on the back of the shell
  • Front vents
  • 3-year warranty
  • Removable and washable lining
  • Free textile carrying bag


  • The visor just covers the half face

#4. Nolan N21 Visor Classic

best three quarter helmets

This model has the style of fighter pilots. What we like about this Nolan 21 are the visors. There are two layers of visors the lager one is clear and covers the entire face.

The second layer is the sun visor which is place under the clear shield. Both of them are removable, so you can clean them when needed.  

This is another budget-friendly motorcycle helmets. You still expect to receive good value, protection, and standard accessories from this lid. 


  • Quick-release Microlock chinstraps
  • ClimaComfort interior padding
  • Helmet lock ring
  • Gloss finish paint


  • Relatively expensive

#5. Duchinni D501

best three quarter motorcycle helmets

The model has a retro style with an additional feature of the internal sun visor. The chinstrap is seatbelt-like with a quick-release system.

The straps help the open face not be shifted by the wind and easy to remove when there is a mishap. D501 is also reminiscent of the White Helmet motorcycle display team. 

In addition, studs mounted on the outer shell allow you to attach your favorite accessories. 


  • Anti-scratch internal sun visor
  • High-quality textile lining
  • Synthetic ABS with UV protection
  • Two shell sizes


  • The outer shell is made from plastic, not from fiberglass
  • Shorter lifespan than others

#6. HJC IS-33

best open face motorcycle helmets

If you are looking for a sleek and stylish open-face helmet, then this model is really a great choice.

The feature we appreciate the most in this lid is the ventilation system which provides comfort and fresh air for the wearer during their ride. 

HJC IS-33 is available in different brilliant colors, so you will have various options. In addition, the anti-scratch 3D shield helps to protect against 95% UV rays.

The helmet is DOT approved. For some people, the HJC IS-33 can be a little bit uncomfortable because of the tightness in the jaw area. 


  • Composite shell is lightweight
  • Available in numerous colors
  • Removable visor 


  • A little tight on the jaw
  • Safety with comfort

Safety and comfort

When it comes to safety, the full face motorcycle helmet is the best, but in some cases, we don’t really need that ultimate protection.

Consider your type of riding before making your choice. If you just commute to work or ride on busy streets which means you usually ride at low speeds, then the protection from an open face is enough. If you spend most of the time on the racing track, then make sure you wear the lid that covers the entire head. 

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And when it comes to comfort, think about additional accessories. You can choose to attach a full-face visor to prevent insects and dust from hitting your eyes and blur your sight.

Why you should choose an open-face motorcycle helmet?


An open face helmet provides protection for nearly the entire head, except for the face area. In order to reduce facial damage in the event of an accident, the wearer will have to use accessories. 

Some open face models have a wide, padded chin strap to protect the chin. The outer shell is usually made of plastic, fiberglass, or Kevlar.


One of the reasons that make many people prefer open-face helmets is the ease of use. This type of helmet is easier to put on/take off then its cousin - the full-face model. 

Looking for a proper fit when buying a motorcycle helmet. It must fit your head snugly, but not too tight. Any improper fit can lead to discomfort and pain on your head. The size of the inner shell can be adjusted by adjusting the padding.


Some open-face helmets have studs on the front section which allow you to add clip-on peaked visors. Some offer sun-shading or clear visors to cover the whole face area. 

The inner lining is mostly removable and washable and available in different colors and textures.

Open-face designs allow you to wear glasses and sunglasses. If you are near-sighted and can’t remove your glasses, you can pull on the open face helmet without removing your glasses. 


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