Top 12+ Cool Motorcycle Helmets With Creative Designs In 2020

While motorcycles are a great way to experience the adrenaline rush, they can be dangerous if you do not take sufficient safety measures.

According to WHO, motorcycle helmets reduce the risk of head injuries and prevent deaths.

As important as it is to stay safe, many motorcyclists want to look cool and stylish on the road. We have curated a list of the coolest motorcycle helmets in the market to combine safety with style.

Whatever your individual style, color preference, or budget, there's a choice for you. Here are our picks that will make you stand out from other motorcyclists on the road.

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#1. LS2 Helmets Full Face - Powersports Helmet

coolest motorcycle helmets 2020


No matter how many color options are available, black will always remain a favorite among motorcyclists. There’s no denying that most super cool motorcycle helmets come in black, just like this one.

With an oval fit, this helmet has a built-in sun shield to protect your eyes from sunlight.

When the weather is pleasant outside, retract the shield by merely flipping a switch.

Besides, the chin strap is comfortable to secure and release, making it easier for you to put on and remove safety gear.

The inner lining is made with LS2's 3D Laser technology to fit your cheeks just right and not leave any hotspots for physical damage in case of an accident.

When the inside gets too dirty, wash the removable lining to keep the helmet as fresh as new.

If you’re overly concerned about road safety, you’d be glad to know that this helmet meets the California Air Resources Board's requirements.


  • Cheeks pads for protection
  • CARB-compliant
  • Easy-to-release chin strap


  • Thin inner padding lets noise pass through
  • Cheap interior plastic

#2. 1Storm Motorcycle Bike - Full FACE Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets


Nothing stays unique and stylish like a dark red helmet with a glossy finish. Made of aerodynamic thermoplastic, the helmet is lightweight and does not make you uncomfortable while riding.

The interior is heavily cushioned, providing support to your head and keeping you safe in case of a collision.

If the interior gets too sweaty or dusty, it can be removed and washed easily. Moreover, the UV protected finish ensures that the glaring Sun does not damage the helmet's shine, no matter how long you're on the road.

With the ventilation control and 5-position support, you’ll never have trouble breathing. Available in different sizes, it is among the coolest motorcycle helmets that you can ride in.


  • Has a UV-protected finish
  • Interior cushioning
  • Washable, cushioned interior
  • 3-level top ventilation


  • Cheaply-built visor
  • Not a pure red color

#3. Scorpion Exo Covert Matte Black Helmet

cool looking motorcycle helmets


Among all the cool half helmets, this Scorpion helmet takes the win as it has an LG Polycarbonate shell for excellent protection.

Engineered exclusively by the company, this helmet is designed to disperse the impact of a collision to minimize physical and mechanical damage.

Also, its build makes the helmet lightweight and suitable for long-term wearing.

Riding your bike out in the Sun can be very uncomfortable with the direct sunlight blinding you. Luckily, the tinted sun-visor reduces eye strain and ensures that the light does not blind you.

At night, you can replace it with a clear visor for better vision.

Additionally, the helmet has a removable front mask kept in place with neodymium magnets. Using this feature, you can switch between a half helmet and a 3/4th helmet as you want.

Since it’s available in even an XXX-large size, this helmet is suitable for people who have trouble finding the perfectly sized, budget-friendly helmet for their larger heads. 

When it comes to style, this helmet is hard to beat. It has a scar on the temple with a matte black overall finish, which will make you look like someone right out of a superhero movie.


  • Removable front mask
  • Can be converted into a 3/4 helmet
  • Drop-down sun visor
  • Available in XXX-helmet size


  • No speaker pockets
  • The mouthguard can’t keep rainwater out

#4. Bell Qualifier DLX Full Face Helmet

cool motorcycle helmet designs


Here’s a motorcycle helmet that is cool on the inside as well as on the outside. This yellow helmet is the safest color option for your road trips.

It comes with a transition shield that is scratch and UV-resistant, keeping you safe from the Sun and other vehicles on the road.

Also, the anti-fog shield ensures that your vision remains clear even in colder weather.

The polycarbonate shell lessens the impact through efficient absorption while remaining lightweight.

Besides, four vent openings keep airflow intact so that you don't feel suffocated even in the hot weather. 

Another cool addition to the helmet is the snap fastening of the chin strap for quick securing and release.

Thanks to the communication port on the left side, you can integrate Sena or Cardo Bluetooth systems to stay connected with your buddies during a road adventure.

A distinct feature of the helmet is its DOT and ECE certification. While you’ll find many helmets certified by one authority, it’s hard to find a helmet that is compliant with both.


  • 4-vent openings
  • Glossy yellow finish
  • Anti-fog shield
  • Scratch-resistant and UV-protected


  • Wind noise on the left side
  • Not suitable for glasses-wearers due to tight cheek padding

#5. Vega Helmets Unisex - Adult Open Face Helmet

coolest motorcycle helmets


Vega takes the crown for making the coolest open face helmets, and this one is a clear proof. It’s a vintage-looking helmet with modern features that is fit for motorcyclists, not scared to make a statement.

Weighing just 2.3 pounds, this helmet keeps you comfortable and reduces fatigue during long road trips and tours.

With five available snaps for the visor, you can choose the best fit for ultimate comfort.

The D-ring strap system is easy to adjust and well-padded to absorb impact as well as maximize neck comfort.

Most importantly, the inner lining is antimicrobial, keeping you safe from pathogenic bacteria and viruses that you might encounter during your tours through rough and marshy areas.


  • Antimicrobial lining
  • Five snaps for the visor
  • Padded D-ring strap system
  • Vintage artwork on both sides


  • Sizing issues
  • Non-removable cheek pads

#6. NENKI NK-856 Full Face Spiderman Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets


You might not have Spiderman’s superpowers, but you can look like him on your motorcycle, and that too, at a reasonable price. 

With a fiberglass injected shell, this helmet is made to absorb any pressure or mechanical force exerted. Along with keeping you safe, it also keeps you comfortable with multiple vents for airflow.

While the outer visor is iridium red, there’s an inner sun shield to keep your face protected from direct sunlight and heat. You can remove the shield, depending on the time of the day. Along with eliminating the need for sunglasses, this provides you an in-built vision-clarity option. 

The inner lining can be removed and washed as the need be. 

Last but not least, the helmet is a combination of attractive colors that will get you compliments and attention on the road.


  • Has dual visors
  • EPS impact absorption
  • Effective in impact absorption
  • Inner sun shield


  • Shield fogs up in the cold
  • Size runs small

#7. TORC T50 Route 66 - 3/4 Helmet with Rebel Star Graphic

cool moto helmets


If you want to channel your inner American, there’s no better way to do it than flaunt this helmet on the road. The white rebel star against the American-flag stripes gives off a fresh, vintage look, raising the bar for all other cool retro motorcycle helmets.  

Being slim-fit and open face, this helmet has a modern finish and features.

When you come home from a long, dusty drive, you can easily remove the cheek pads and wash them to maintain freshness.

Apart from that, the lining is made of suede for ultimate comfort and style.

On the outside, the thermo polymer alloy shell efficiently absorbs mechanical pressure and disperses impact from a collision.

Since it’s an open-faced helmet, it provides you better visibility and eliminates fogginess. Most importantly, you get all of this without breaking the bank.


  • Vintage, American-flag graphics
  • Removable cheek pads
  • Suede inner lining
  • High-quality straps


  • Poor ventilation system

#8. YEMA Unisex-Adult Modular Racing Helmet

cool graphic motorcycle helmets


Have you ever wondered how you'd look like a hero who saves the day? This helmet gives off a Batman on a mission vibe.

The matte black finish with attention to detail on the head part makes it one of the best cool modular helmets.

With the anti-scratch exterior, you can expect the helmet to last the test of time and stay as good as new upon light impact.

Despite being so bulky-looking, the helmet is lightweight and has an ABS shell.

The inner lining provides a snug fit, while the removable cheek pads can be washed to retain freshness. Made using laser technology, the inner foam is cut to fit standard face sizes and prevent tightness or discomfort.

Another impressive feature of this helmet is that it all allows you to adjust the ventilation. Keep the airflow intact during hot days and the breeze out in the colder seasons.

Not only does the helmet look cool, but it is also effective in keeping you safe from injury, physical stress, and impact.

If you're learning from an instructor or going on an adventure with friends, you can clearly listen to the pep talk as the front face can be pulled up.

Overall, it’s a solid and well-ventilated helmet for an intermediate motorcyclist.


  • Matte black finish
  • Wide view visor
  • Modular flip-up system
  • ABS shell
  • Flow-through ventilation


  • Tricky straps
  • Switch for lifting chin section is hard to find

#9. HJC RPHA-11 PRO Venom 2 Full Face Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets


This helmet easily makes it to the list of the coolest motorcycle helmets because of its loud and attention-grabbing design.

With Premium Integration Matrix build and DOT approval, this helmet meets all the necessary standards of safety.

A combination of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and aramid make the helmet remarkably robust and impact-resistant, yet lightweight for comfortable wear.

Even when you’re riding at faster speeds, the aerodynamic exterior shell guarantees safety and disperses force for minimizing the chance of injury.

Along with providing cushioning, the cheek pads assist in quick helmet release in case of an emergency.

Also, there’s enough room in the helmet for your eyesight glasses or sunglasses. This is something you’d find lacking in many other helmets.

Apart from that, the wider eye port also increases peripheral vision, lowering the risk of collisions from the side.

No matter what kind of weather you’re riding in, the anti-fog insert and dark smoke shield ensure clarity of vision.

Moreover, the one-touch opening system makes the helmet suitable for high-speed racing. All these features come at an exorbitant price that might not fit everyone’s budget.


  • One-touch open and close
  • Carbon fiber, fiberglass and aramid construction
  • Dark smoke shield
  • Wider eye port


  • Very expensive

#10. TORC Unisex-Adult Full Face helmet - Mako Flat Black Force

cool dot helmets


If you’ve watched Riverdale and swooned over the helmets in the series, here's a similar one.

TORC always pulls through with unique and remarkably cool looking motorcycle helmets, and this helmet is one of the best ones from the manufacturers.

With a dual-density EPS system and inner padding made using laser contouring, the helmet is sleek on the outside and comfortable on the inside.

The anti-scratch shield keeps you safe during an upfront collision and protects the helmet from weather and mechanical damage.

Moreover, the anti-fog feature keeps your vision clear even if the air is humid or cold. You don't want anything blurring your vision on the road, as it can lead to accidents. Thanks to the Breath deflector and anti-fog shield, you don’t have to worry about this.

If you ride for long hours or on rough tracks, the inner lining is bound to get dirty. Simply remove it and toss it in the washing machine to make it as good as new.

The padded-chin strap keeps the helmet sitting comfortably on your head while the D-ring closure ensures that you don’t have to fumble with the strap while securing it in place.

In case of an emergency, open the strap with a single touch.

Equipped with modern safety features and a sleek black finish, this helmet is a suitable choice for any motorcyclist.


  • D-ring chin strap closure
  • Breath deflector
  • Sleek black finish with retro text
  • True to size


  • Uncomfortable forehead padding
  • Ineffective anti-fogging system

#11. Woljay Leather Motorcycle Half Helmets

coolest motorcycle helmets


Not everyone wants to grab attention on the road. If you like to keep a low profile yet want to be safe, this is the helmet.

However, it is not exactly the best choice out there for protection. While the helmet is quite comfortable and true to size, it lacks a few features commonly found in modern helmets.

Made of artificial leather, the helmet is lightweight and open-faced with a drop-down sun shield.

You'd have to struggle a bit with the sun shield as it does not come down easily.

As it's not resistant against sun glare, fog, and wind noise, the helmet is pretty basic and suitable for beginners or people who aren’t into hardcore motorcycling.


  • Sits well on the head
  • Leather finish
  • Dropdown sun lens
  • Comes with goggles


  • Sun shield is hard to pull down
  • Uneven straps

#12. O'Neal Wingman Full Face Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets


Wearing this multi-colored, graphics-laden helmet on the road will get you compliments from fellow riders, without a doubt. 

Weighing 1350 grams, the helmet does not feel like a burden, nor does it cause neck strain. 

You can judge the credibility of this helmet by its DOT and ECE certification. Additionally, the ABS shell construction ensures ultimate safety in case of an accident. 

The helmet is available for youth, men, and women in different sizes. With equal parts of safety and style, this helmet is a reliable pick.


  • Durable shell construction
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Available in youth sizes too


  • Tight fit around the face

Buying Guide For Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

When you see tons of unique and cool motorcycle helmet designs, the prospect of just choosing one becomes overwhelming.

Even though we have narrowed down the options, you still have to decide which one of these listed motorcycle helmets suits you the best.

For this, you must consider some factors to determine why you should prefer one helmet over another. Let’s get into detail about the factors that you should keep your eye on.

Cool Features

Nowadays, helmets are not just for protection. Instead, they’re equipped with multiple cool features to refine your riding experience. 

If you ride with friends or a riding group, select a helmet with Bluetooth communication system.

Using a Bluetooth connection, you can stay in touch with everyone else connected to the same network.

Another cool feature to look for in a helmet is reflecting or tinted visor. Although non-tined do the job, they don't appear cool.

Moreover, you can choose a helmet with Quick Release buckles or an Instant Helmet Removal system. 

Possibly the coolest thing in a helmet is its design. Despite being black, the Yema modular helmet stands out from the rest because of its awe-striking design. 

Opt for helmets with cool graphics or retro vibes that set you apart from other riders.


Color is not the only thing that makes a helmet unique from others. Some helmets, such as the Nenki full face Spiderman helmet, have unique graphics or designs that you won't see commonly. 

If superhero-style helmets are not your thing, you can choose helmets with vintage colors and patterns. 

Even today, retro helmets are trendy because of their grungy appearance. 

Also, monochrome helmets are a huge hit, as they're a breath of fresh air from the same old black designs. 

Build and Style

Since you're looking for cool motorcycle helmets, it's obvious that you're a sucker for style. It’s always better to look for the helmets that suit your style best.

cool cheap motorcycle helmets

For example, if you’re an old school rider and prefer vintage or retro helmets, you can search in that category. On the other hand, millennials or people who are into modern designs can opt for helmets with sleeker and refined finishes.

In our list, we’ve tried to include a diverse range of style options so that there’s something for everyone. While some styles are too showy, others are cool but subtle.

Similarly, make sure that the motorcycle helmet you buy has a quality finish. Some common shell materials are:

  • Carbon fiber: It disperses force upon impact and is the lightest.
  • EPS: It has an inner shell that absorbs shock effectively.
  • Polycarbonate: It is less expensive but tends to flex when absorbing energy.
  • Fiberglass: More expensive than polycarbonate and splits upon absorbing energy.


Even when choosing among the coolest motorcycle helmets, you have to keep the weight into consideration. The weight must be distributed evenly on both sides of your face.

If the helmet is too heavy, it will be uncomfortable on your head and neck. Also, it can increase fatigue during long commutes.

Full face helmets are lighter than modular helmets as they don’t have the flip-up visor present in the latter.

On average, it’s better to choose a helmet no more than 3.5 pounds in weight.

Safety Ratings

All motorcycle helmets must pass a certain safety standard to be eligible for sale. Among the safety regulations, the ones set by DOT (The United States Department of Transportation) are commonly followed by manufacturers in the US. 

Make sure that the helmet you buy is DOT-certified if you’re buying one in North America. 

In Europe, the helmets certified by the Economic Commission for Europe are deemed the safest. Helmets certified by DOT or ECE are road-safe, but they aren't the most reliable. 

If you want the highest level of safety, buy a helmet with Snell certification. Snell is an independent organization with stringent regulations and a rigorous testing process that filters out the unsafe helmets. 

However, you might have to pay extra for a Snell-certified helmet as they are often more expensive.


There’s no point in having a cool helmet if it’s not comfortable. The helmet must sit comfortably on your head with a balanced center of gravity.

cool looking motorcycle helmets

If you wear glasses, opt for the helmets that have enough room inside for fitting your glasses. Otherwise, you’ll find your head crammed in a tight space.

Furthermore, the helmet must fit snugly around your cheeks and forehead.

To ensure this, measure your head size properly before buying a helmet. An incorrect helmet size, whether too big or small, will only increase the discomfort and chances of injury.


Price shouldn't decide how safe you can be on the road, but not everyone has the luxury of budget constraint-free helmet shopping. 

The manufacturers, certifications, shell material, additional features, and integrated technology influence a helmet's price. 

As a beginner, you can spend up to $300 for a helmet as you can find a certified and stylish helmet at this price. 

However, for racing purposes, you'll have to spend a few hundred bucks to get the best one for the track. 

Just don't spend so much on a helmet that you have no budget left for other safety gear.

Types of Cool Motorcycle Helmets

Possibly, the most important thing to consider when buying a motorcycle helmet is the type. In recent years, new varieties have been introduced in the market.

Cool Modular Helmets

Modular helmets are a mix of 3/4  and a full-face helmet as they have a flip-up visor that can be opened in the front.

Due to the weight of the flip-up apparatus, these helmets tend to be heavier, so keep this in mind when buying a modular helmet.

However, it is much safer than half-face helmets due to added chin protection. These helmets are popular among adventure motorcyclists and cruisers as they can lift up the visor to communicate with each other easily.

Cool Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Full face helmets provide the most coverage to your neck, chin, and head.

Since half of the road accidents result in chin injury, it is best to get a full-face helmet if you plan on riding at high speeds or participating in racing events.

Some riders might be intimidated by the idea of wearing full-face helmets as they almost feel like a cage around your face.

cool full face helmets

However, most of these helmets have an anti-fog shield and adjustable ventilation to keep you comfortable.

The newer models also have sun-shielding visors and Bluetooth support for increased functionality and ease.

Cool Motorcycle Half Helmets

Half helmets cover half your face from the top and provide less protection than the two types mentioned above.

Since they do not reach to your chin, these helmets don't have a face shield or a visor. For protection against the Sun, you'll have to buy sunglasses or goggles.

Also, due to lack of space, you won’t find technological features in these helmets.

Off-Road Half Helmets

Off-road helmets are somewhat similar to dual-sport helmets as they also have sun visors. Additionally, they have extra venting for better airflow and chin protection for enhanced safety. 

Some off-road helmets may not have a visor.

Adventure Half Helmets

Adventure or dual-sport helmets do not have a face shield but come with integrated visors. Most of them allow MX goggles integration and have interior airflow for ventilation. 

Extra Features Of Cool Motorcycle Helmets

Nowadays, the coolest motorcycle helmets are the ones that have extensive safety features because safe is the new cool.

A common feature found in most helmets is the washable cheek pads. This feature helps in keeping the helmet sweat-free and fresh even after long tours and adventures.

Also, different helmets have different strap fastening systems. If you’ve often found yourself fumbling with the straps in your old helmet, choose a single-touch opening strap now.

If you ride with friends or a riding group, select a helmet with Bluetooth communication system.

Using a Bluetooth connection, you can stay in touch with everyone else connected to the same network.

Fog-resistance is an essential feature to look for if you live in a cold or humid climatic region.

While riding, external fog or vapors from your breath can build up on the visor and blur your vision. Poor visibility on the road often becomes the cause of road accidents, so it is best to stay safe with fog-resistant shields.

Nowadays, scratch-resistance is a plus for a helmet. Often, the visor gets damaged due to environmental factors or mechanical pressure, needing replacement after a while.

A scratch-resistant design prevents damage, ensuring the helmet lasts for a few years to come.


Along with the interior features, the helmet's color also determines its safety. Most motorcyclists want to buy cool black motorcycle helmets, but black isn't road-safe since it has low visibility at night.

cool motorcycle helmet designs

On the contrary, white helmets are considered the safest since they have the highest visibility. Not only is the color white visible at night, but it also appears prominently against dark backgrounds.

If white is not your color, you can go for silver as it offers the same benefits and looks quite sleek too.

However, if you live in a region with high snow, you should avoid getting a white helmet as it isn’t readily visible against snowy pavements and roads.

Instead, opt for hi-viz helmets, available in yellow, orange, and other bright colors. Since these helmets are fluorescent, they're visible to drivers from far away. 

Keep in mind that helmets with graphics or text on them are easier to miss amidst fast-moving traffic.

You can choose the color according to your taste but also keep the safety in mind.


A helmet with poor ventilation will make riding uncomfortable due to the buildup of sweat and moisture.

Therefore, look for helmets that have adjustable ventilation. Not only will this allow you to manage the airflow but also keep the cold out during winters.

Helmets that do not allow you to adjust ventilation tend to get very noisy, and you may have to counter this by wearing headphones.

Make sure you buy a helmet that offers control over ventilation. By keeping the ventilation openings closed, you can reduce external noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in my first helmet if I don't want traditional boring designs?

Nowadays, you can easily find the coolest helmets in the market. 

First of all, look for cool colors, such as yellow, orange, neon, and monochrome. Gone are the days of black and red. Look for something funky and showy. 

Secondly, determine your design needs. If you want vintage designs, look for retro helmets. 

On the other hand, if you want something graphic and artsy, look for helmets with cool imagery. Superhero and movie-inspired helmets are also readily available if you have any favorites.

How much should I spend on graphics and design?

If you're a style-freak, it's natural wanting to spend a whole load of money on graphics and design. 

Make sure you spend equally on design and functionality. Some helmets can be exorbitant priced because of the way they look. Only go for them if they have all the functional features and fall in your budget range.

Don't compromise on safety to spend on design instead. 

Keep a balance between the two and you'll be able to find a cool yet safe helmet for your money. 

Usually, it's okay to spend about 20-30% of the total budget on design.

Retro helmets are cool, right?

Without a doubt, yes. 

Retro helmets are an ode to the old-world charm with their unique colors, patterns, and stripes. Moreover, they let you stand out from the crowd. 

If you ride a cool cafe racer, you must have a retro-inspired helmet to match its splendor. 

Due to the popularity of retro helmets, many manufacturers make helmets that combine old school feels with modern safety features. 

How do I know if a cool helmet is safe?

You can determine a helmet’s safety by checking its certifications. If the helmet has approval from one of three regulatory tests, it is safe for you.

The Department of Transportation gives DOT certification in the US. Since the department deals with road issues, the helmets must meet its safety criteria to be certified. However, DOT doesn’t have the most stringent regulations, which makes some riders skeptical about it.

Secondly, the ECE or Economic Commission of Europe certifies all the helmets sold in Europe.

Thirdly, Snell, which is a privately found authority that tests helmets for safety. The foundation was created after a racer named Snell, who met a horrific accident. They have the highest safety standards.

Since Snell regulations are very strict, if a helmet has passed them, it is considered the safest.

It's rare to find a helmet with all three certifications, but you should make sure that it has at least one of them. The certification labels are on the helmets and should be the first thing you look for in a helmet.

Which is the coolest color for a helmet?

Yes, you should. Some colors are safer than others because of their higher visibility.

Most riders agree that white is the safest color for the road as it is visible in the dark and stands out from the rest of the traffic. However, it might not be the safest for regions like Alaska that get a lot of snow as your helmet can blend in with the snow, making you less visible.

Nowadays, hi-viz fluorescent helmets are popular as they’re highly visible and stylish. It’s hard to miss colors like yellow and orange so you’ll be much safer than in a black helmet.

Other than these colors, silver, green, and red are also safe options as they're loud and grab attention.

Believe it or not, but black, despite being the most commonly bought color, isn't exactly the safest as it is completely invisible at night and is hard to spot in a blur of fast-moving traffic during the day.

Which manufacturers make the coolest helmets?

We’ve mentioned many reliable manufacturers on our list, so you can look through it to find the company that suits you best.

It’s hard to name one manufacturer as the best because some make really cool motorcycle helmets while others take it up a notch on safety.

Manufacturers like Nenki, 1Storm, Vega, and TORC are popular among riders. If you want something subtle yet stylish, YEMA is the right place for you. 

Since these companies make a wide variety of helmets, you’ll surely find one for your taste.

Where can I find the coolest helmets? 

You can find the coolest helmets in stores and online websites.

If you want something genuinely vintage, look for helmets in thrift stores or antique shops. They often have a gem that you wouldn't find anywhere else. 

If someone in your family was into biking during their youth, you might be lucky enough to find a cool helmet in your garage.

Is it necessary to buy a full-face helmet?

Full-face helmets protect the chin area. They are thought to be safer than other types, so if you're still learning how to ride, you should go for full protection.

If you’d like to get a bit of air, opt for modular helmets instead as they flip open in the front, letting you get some fresh air without taking the helmet off.

When should I replace a helmet?

The retirement period of every helmet differs, but you should follow the manufacturer's guidelines for this.

Helmets tend to degrade over time, especially if you use them regularly.

Get rid of your helmet after five years if you've used it regularly. If you only use it occasionally, replace it with a new one after ten years.

Are vintage helmets worth it?

If you want to show them off at a motorcycle show, they’re definitely worth it. On the road, they’re not as good as the modern helmets.

Keep in mind that new technology is rolling in every year and your old, vintage helmet wouldn’t have any of the advanced technological features.

Instead, you can buy vintage-looking helmets as many manufacturers are making them with new technology. These helmets have modern safety features and the vintage graphics to get the best of both worlds.

Is it safe to wear a football helmet while riding a motorcycle?

While you can wear a football helmet on a bike, it won’t be very safe. Firstly, football helmets lack the safety features present in a motorcycle helmet so they won’t keep you safe during a road accident.

Secondly, if you’re competing in a tournament, you won’t be allowed to wear a football helmet as it isn’t DOT or ECE-approved.

Which helmet is the best for long rides?

If you're going for a long road tour, make sure you take a lightweight helmet. Since you'll be wearing the helmet for hours, it must be light on your head and neck.

cool looking motorcycle helmets

Also, the helmet shouldn't have any pressure points. Often, helmets have a pressure point on the forehead, giving you a headache in just an hour or so of riding. Wear a helmet that fits perfectly and is comfortable for long-term wear.

While it’s not a necessity, it’s useful to wear helmets that have an anti-fog shield, especially if you’re riding in unpredictable weather.

Moreover, it would be best if you had control over the helmet's ventilation to manage it accordingly. Look out for noisy helmets. You don’t want to go on a road trip with a helmet that creates unbearable wind noise.

Most riders prefer cool full face motorcycle helmets for longer rides as they are the safest.

Along with keeping you safe in an accident, they also keep rain, wind, and dust out. Moreover, they muffle the wind noise so your ears won't be ringing while heading towards your destination.

What should I look for in a Helmet?

When you’re shopping for a helmet, be wise because it's something that can potentially save your life. Look for a helmet with: 

  • Efficient ventilation 
  • Certification from one of the three authorities 
  • A comfortable fit

Of course, you can choose based on how cool a helmet looks, but make sure you give safety the same attention.

Even on a low budget, you can find cool cheap motorcycle helmets with basic safety features and attractive designs. So, you don't necessarily have to buy the most expensive helmet to get the highest safety level.  

Can I wear prescription glasses in a helmet?

If you wear prescription glasses, you should focus more on the comfort and fit of a helmet than other features.

A tight helmet would blur your field of vision and get uncomfortable during long rides. Choose a helmet that has enough space to fit your glasses.

You can get an open face helmet as it doesn’t cover your face, allowing you to wear glasses. However, if you’re concerned about safety, modular helmets are almost as safe as full-face helmets and easily slip on glasses.


You can be the best rider in town, but it does not exempt you from practicing road safety. Motorcycle helmets don’t only make riding safe but also add a touch of style to your road look.

We've added the coolest motorcycle helmets on our list, and you can decide the one that you want to flaunt on your next road trip.

Moreover, we’ve included all types of helmets from different companies to ensure that you’re not short of choices. After going through the list, you can decide which helmet will be the one for you by taking guidance from our buyer’s guide.

Get compliments from your fellow riders on your cool motorcycle helmets while staying safe and comfortable. Ride on!   

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