Habits that are ruining your motorcycle helmet

The habit of using has a great influence on the life of a helmet. Have you ever wondered why your motorcycle helmet wears out before its expiry date, looks old, and has lots of scratches? Well, HelmetsZone can help you avoid this if you give up these bad habits below.

It is agreeable that it is very convenient to put your arm through the helmet and hang it there especially in case you want to use your hand, but this habit greatly ruins the inside of your helmet. Your arms will make the hat bigger and bigger. In many cases, helmets hung on the hand regularly are stretched from M to XL. 

Leave the gloves inside 

leave the gloves inside

It's like a hard habit to quit. Many people take their gloves off, and the first place they put them in is a helmet. This may seem like no harm, but did you know gloves contain lots of dirt and bacteria? If you put them directly into the hat, this dirt will accumulate in the helmet. The helmet interior will quickly become damaged after a few uses, and moreover the bacteria and dirt from the gloves will adversely affect your scalp and face.

Do not leave the helmet ventilated

Should not through your helmet everywhere after a long day of use or else it will become smelly as your sweat is still inside. You should place your helmet up side down or hang it up so that air can get inside and dry out the sweat.

place your motorcycle helmet up side down

Lift up the helmet by the visor

This sounds uncommon but it’s true. Some people do this as the visor is easy to hold. If you do this some times, the coupling between the shell and the visor will loose, and you won't be able to flip it up anymore or if it does, it will fall down on its own if you ride on the bumpy road.

Mount it on the motorcycle mirrors 

hang the helmet on the motorcycle mirrors

Yes, do you find yourself in this situation? I know many riders do this, I used to do it, too. But things have changed since I knew how harmful this habit is. The pressure from the vehicle mirror will focus on a certain point on the inner lining, making the point more likely to be torn or punctured. Moreover, if your helmet is a half-face, then when you hang it on the mirror, it will not be balanced and in a small effect, it will fall to the ground. If you do this with a half helmet, it may not be a big problem as long as you own a lightest half helmet.

Don’t use special cleaner

The visor is the part that is easy to get scratches as its surface is really smooth. Do not even think about using towel papers to clean the helmet shield. This will cause many mini scratches that can not be seen by the eyes. Once you can see these scratches, that means your helmet has been severely scratched. For pro cleaning tips, you can read this post “how to clean your motorcycle helmet” to get your own knowledge.

Lazy washing the helmet

Most drivers wait until their helmet smells or pimples on their heads/foreheads so that they will wash it. But once those signs appear, it means your hat is too dirty. Cleaning helmets take a lot of time, many people wanting to save time use sanitizing spray to have some fresh from the helmet interior.  But we do not recommend you that way because the spray can affect only the surface. It is advisable to wash your motorcycle helmet from time to time. 

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