HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet Review

HJC F70 motorcycle helmet review
  • Brand: HJC
  • Model: F70
  • Shell: Fiberglass - durable and sturdy
  • Visor: Anti-fog, UV-proof
  • Certification: DOT and ECE

Those who are looking for a budget-friendly motorcycle helmet can not dismiss the F70 Motorcycle Helmet from the HJC. 

This product line comes out with a wide range of color options, graphics designs, and sizes.

In terms of safety level, this lid passed all the safety tests of the two most reputable standards which are DOT and ECE.

This model is definitely a perfect choice for you. To know how good and bad it is, please read this review and the ultimate guide below.

About the HJC motorcycle helmet brand

The HJC has been staying in business for nearly 50 years and has built a solid reputation among motorcycle riders.

Over the years, HJC has made exclusive motorcycle helmets that serve people from all over the world.

HJC’s products always meet the demands of quality and designs.

HJC is preferred by most riders around the globe due to the comfort their helmets provide to people during their rides.

Overview of the F70 Helmet

  • Brand: HJC
  • Model F70
  • Shell: Fiberglass - durable and sturdy
  • Visor: Anti-fog, UV-proof
  • Lining: Removable
  • Fastener: Double D-ring
  • Certification: DOT and ECE

Highlighted features of the HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet

  • The shell

The shell of this model is full-face and is made from fiberglass which is durable, sturdy, and very lightweight. The shell can fit most head shapes of riders. 

  • The visor

This visor has an anti-fog coating and a very smooth operating system.

There are two visors in this lid, one smaller visor is attached inside to protect you from the UV rays during day time,  and one bigger clear visor cover outside to protect your eyes from bugs and dust when you ride at night.

The biggest drawback of this visor is that it doesn’t have a rapid-fire release system.

  • The ventilation system

The vents are placed in three positions: the chin bar, the top, and the back of the shell. That means you are always supplied enough air to breathe.

A breath guard is also added to ensures you are not affected by rush air when you ride at speed, and it also helps to maintain a steady vision. 

There are five exhaust ports in the F70 which help to maintain the airflow and keep your helmet cool in hot days. 

  • Retention system

This helmet uses the Double D-ring retention chin straps. With this strap, you will not encounter some problems like helmet flapping in the air when riding too fast or when the wind is strong. 

  • The cheek pads

The pads are contoured and they can provide the best protection to your face. They sit nicely on the bottom of your cheeks and help your cheeks and head intact.

The chin curtain covers the area under your jaw which is usually left open in some helmets, thereby preventing air rising up and creating wind noise.

Plus, the removable inner lining allows you to wash when your helmet gets dirty.  

Additional features

  • A wide range of size options

People will feel frustrating and give up a helmet if it doesn’t fit, even when they like it.

In fact, some brands have lost many potential customers due to this sizing issue. 

Knowing the consumers’ needs, the HJC F70 comes out with different sizes ranged from XS to 2XL. 

  • Glass grooves

Those who are near-sighted and have to wear glasses all the time, this model as cutouts that can accommodate wearers’ glasses. 

  • Smart HJC Bluetooth

The F70 is compatible with the Bluetooth communication system, but it is not that ready type, you will need to buy this part separately. 

  • Safety standards

This helmet has been approved by the DOT and ECE standards, it means you will have no worries while having this lid with you.  


The HJC F70 motorcycle helmet is the top quality helmet compare to others at the same price.

Not only a choice for the money, this lid also wins the hearts by its snug fit, comfort, and convenience. 

This helmet has never disappointed anyone, it even exceeds the expectations.

The wide range of size and color choices allows you to pick one that is the most suitable. 

From all the above features HelmetsZone provided, this model is definitely the choice for your life.

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