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If you own a motorcycle helmet, you probably have some questions like does it lasts forever? If not, so how to know when to replace it? 

Generally, a motorcycle helmet should be replaced every 3-5 years if it is well-maintained and doesn’t experience any heavy blow. However, helmets don’t have the same lifespan. A helmet with a high frequency of use will have a shorter age than the ones that are not used often. 

There are some signs to determine how long are motorcycle helmet good for that are listed below, you can have a look and change your helmet promptly.  

Is it necessary to buy a new helmet when dropping it?

The answer is “No”. Unless you drop it from a height of 300 meters. I guess some of you may ask the retailers about this. But my advice is shouldn’t, as the manufacturers always want to make more sales, they might lie to you and guide you to buy their product. No need to buy a new one if you just drop it from a low altitude, remember this.

 Most helmets in the market today are standardized and well-withstand the unexpected tear and wear, as long as you buy from a reputable brand. Although your helmet is standard, you can't just leave it anywhere. You should hang it in hangers in the house or in cool, dry places to use the helmet for the longest. 

What is used to make a motorcycle helmet?

To determine the durability of a helmet, we need to consider the material that the manufacturers use. A motorcycle helmet is covered by a hard layer that is made from carbon, plastic, or fiberglass.

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These are substances with tight structure so that they are very durable and can last many years. Therefore, a small impact such as accidentally dropping a helmet cannot break the structure. Plus, the foam inner lining of the helmet is very light and soft. It can absorb, neutralize, and reduce the impact of external force to prevent the helmet from breaking. One small note is that if the inner foam is deformed, you should indeed replace it. 

How to determine when to replace a motorcycle helmet?

After a lot of experimenting and changing many types of helmets, I have gained some experience in recognizing when to change it which I have listed below.

1. Has your helmet experienced an accident?

If the answer to this question is yes, then don’t hesitate, just change your helmet now. If that is your favorite helmet and you still want to wear it anytime you ride, then have your helmet checked by an expert or scan it under X-rays to make sure the helmet doesn't have any damage or you better buy a new one. It is worth to use some dollars to save your life!

How long do motorcycle helmets last

2. Frequent use

If you drive often for long distances or with a heavy frequency of use, such as 5 days per week, your helmet will quickly tear and wear out. This is quite similar to your bike or car. The more you drive, the bigger the mileage, and the more you need to either maintain or buy a new one.

Pay attention to the times you use your helmet, consistent use may result in the helmet lifespan under 3 years. A helmet is not totally useless when it expired. If you don’t know what to do with it, then you can read this article: Ideas for what to do with old motorcycle helmets in 2020

3. How old is your helmet?

How long do motorcycle helmets last

If your helmet already reached five years old, then it’s time to buy a new one. You may wonder “ my helmet still looks new, and it is still in good condition. Why do I have to replace it?” Yes, if you buy your helmet and just use it 2-3 times a year then you can continue using it, but for frequent use and tear you should consider the helmet age and the impact on all parts like the liner, shell, visor, straps, etc. 

Consistent use gives your helmet more chances to expose to harmful agents, for example, dirt, weather, UV rays, and many other factors that seem harmless but have a significant impact on the stability of your helmet. Over time, these agents will affect the glue that sticks the helmet components together, then they will become loose that a small impact can separate them easily.

Five years is the average life expectancy of a motorcycle helmet recommended by most manufacturers, but as I said above, this figure does not apply to all cases, depending on the purpose and frequency, this number may be lower.

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4. The deterioration of internal components

The helmet shell is not always the first component to deteriorate. The degradation may come from the interior. If the foam and the liner start loosing off, then you need a replacement. Usually, an EPS helmet liner is in black color, it is easy to check if there are cracks.

If there is one, don’t hesitate to replace your helmet right away as the cracks obviously want to tell you the integrity of your helmet is weakened, and the ability to absorb the impact also decreases. Be careful with the hair product you use because the chemical content in it can also cause deterioration. 

How long is a motorcycle helmet good for

5. The deterioration of external components

The damage to the helmet cover can be easily seen with the naked eye. They can be cracks,  frayed, or loose. When these signs occur, you need to replace it as it is no longer in good condition. 

The helmet shell plays a very important role in protecting your head. Because it is the outer layer, so it directly contacts with hard objects when you fall or involve in an accident. When there is a crack, your head is more likely exposed to injury. 

If you want to equip yourself with advanced knowledge about the helmet, do not forget to visit HelmetsZone. We have provided many informative articles there. 

Never use an expired motorcycle helmet guys, You may argue that your helmet looks new, but if it has expired then you should replace it immediately. Changing hats not only protects you but also helps you get new trendy helmet that manufacturers come out every year. 

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