How much does a motorcycle helmet cost?

If you are considering buying a motorcycle helmet, you may concern about how much are motorcycle helmets, especially for those who have a limited budget. 

It is not necessary to always go with an expensive lid. Sometimes, it is still good to go with an affordable helmet than not wearing any at all. 

You may feel it is the best, coolest and most enjoyable when your state does not require you to wear a helmet while riding.

But hey! That is the problem with your life and people who care about you. When you ride without a helmet, you increase the risk to have crashes. 

With $100 or less, you can buy a decent full-face motorcycle helmet. It still look cool and sleek both when you are wearing it and when you are just carrying it with you. 

how much are motorcycle helmets
  • Motorcycle half helmet: This type of helmet provides protection for the half top of your head, leaving your ears, neck, and face open. However, it not totally useless to your head. Some are available on the market with DOT certification. 

  • 3/4 helmet: Also called open face helmet, this type of headgear covers the back of your head, fore head and ears. Your chin and face are left open. For those who are insist on having the wind on their face, an open face lid is definitely a good choice. The chin bar is always missing, but sometimes you will find a windshield attached on some certain models. 

  • Full-face motorcycle helmet: This type of lid can cover wearers’ entire heads, and sometimes neck. It is considered the safest types among other as it can protect you from not only crashes, falls, but also other objects like debris on the road. This version can help you protect your jaw and chin from the severe impacts. 

  • Modular motorcycle helmet: This can be called with different name like flip-up, custom helmet, convertible motorcycle helmet. This is due to the special feature of this lid that is it can be converted to an open face or a full face when needed. The chin bar is flexible thanks to the additional hinge, but this hinge also make the this type a bit heavier then its cousin - full-face motorcycle helmets. You will have the comfort of an open face and the full protection of a full-face when choosing this type. 

  • Off-road helmet: Similar to open face type, but different in larger visors, more protruding chain bars, and lighter weight. This ensures enough airflow for wearers. Unlike other types, this model will need extra protective glasses and goggles to be purchased. This design is suitable for those who ride dirt bikes and motocross bikes. 

  • Dual-sport helmet: This type have features of both off-road and full-face designs. It looks similar to an off-road and has more padding on the inside compared to the full-face version. In general, the dual-sport lid is designed to wear both on the city street and off-road on a dirt bike. 

Things to look for in a motorcycle helmet

States that have motorcycle helmets laws require all helmets sold in the market must be approved by DOT.

Lids that are approved means they meet and comply with the guidelines and requirements of the Department of Transportation. In some states, protective eye wear is also required. 

how much are motorcycle helmets

Although, DOT approve both half-face and full-face helmets, it is wise to always stick with the later one not only because of the risk in the event of an accident but also the danger from potential debris on the road. 

 If you are consider to use non-approved protective headgear, you need to refer to your state law to see if it is legal to wear them. 

  • Snell and DOT certification

When compared these two safety certifications, Snell can be a bit safer than DOT as it have more intensive safety test.

Accordingly, the price of Snell-approved motorcycle helmets is also higher. One can have both of these stickers on its shell. That proves the lid is extremely safe for you. 

See also: Motorcycle Helmet Standards: DOT, SNELL, ECE 22.05

  • Helmet fitment

This is the second prior feature you should look for after the safety ratings.

The helmet must snug to your head but loose enough so that you will be able to pull it down all the way. If your lid can spin back and slide around your head, then it is quite big for you. 

It is advisable to try on some models in person to find the perfect fit.

But if you don’t have time to go around some shop, then at least size your head circumference and read other reviews and ratings to see what others say about how it fits.

If you can manage to test it in a store, that is the best option to go. 

Buy new or second-hand motorcycle helmets

There are some reasons you should not buy a used motorcycle helmet. If you didn’t possessed it before, you can’t be sure of the full history of the lid.

It is better to go with a brand new one than risking your life with a helmet that had been treated poorly before. The new gear can be a bit more expensive, but it worth your money.

Just think when you use a second-hand helmet and it doesn’t provide enough protection in a crash.

You will see the money you spend on medical expenses is way more than that spend on a new lid.  

How to buy a helmet?

Look for DOT and Snell stickers on the helmet shell or indications of these certification on the packaging. DOT is usually visible at the back shell, so you will not hard to see it. 

Always try a helmet before making a purchase. Your head may fit the measurement of the lid, but consider your head shapes, too.

The perfect fit provides not only the best protection but also the comfort during long rides. 

 Consider your purpose to choose an appropriate helmet type. If you plan to ride on the city street or highways, do not buy an off-road helmet, and vice versa.

If the budget is not your concern, then look for a crossover or a dual-sport lid. 

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 How much are motorcycle helmet?

According to the vast motorcycle helmet options, the price range is also wide. Top-notch helmet can be over $1000 while affordable ones are just around $100. 

The average price runs from $150 to #200. In this price range, riders still find a decent helmet while they are not willing to pay several hundred of dollars on the gear. 

how much are motorcycle helmets

Replacing motorcycle helmet

It is essential to know how long do motorcycle helmets last. You know nothing lasts forever, and the helmets don’t either.

No matter how advanced your lid is, you have to replace it at least every 5 years. In some cases, you will need to get a new one before its expire date.

For example, when your helmet experiences an accidents (severe drop) or when you find it is more than wear and tear, you will need a replacement immediately.

If you don’t want to replace your gear, at least you should inspect it thoroughly to see if there is any damage on both the interior and the exterior. 

Make your own decision

A used motorcycle helmet is not something worth risking your life because you are not really sure about its history.

When you have an accident with your car or motorcycle, it is not always your fault. But get head injured in an accident due to not wearing a protection, is really your fault.

By the time the helmet works, you'll be grateful for the money you've invested in a quality, decent lid. Better safe than sorry! So it is wise to protect yourself.

In case you have a passenger with you, be sure they are secured, too. The helmet you prepare for them should fit them well, too. 

With the information HelmetsZone provided above, we hope you already find the answer for your question. Now, if you are still unclear about anything, just let us know buying leaving question below.

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