Do you know how to clean the inside of a motorcycle helmet properly?

As you know, helmets play a very important role in our life. We can not ride a motorcycle without it. To lengthen the life as well as make it looks new you need to wash it regularly. In this post, HelmetsZone will guide you " how to clean a motorcycle helmet "

Mostly, a helmet liner can be washed in washing machines. However, there are some product lines which have special washing instruction, so make sure you read it carefully. However, whether there is a particular instruction or not, we highly recommend you wash it by hand and let it naturally dry by the air because this way helps the helmet last the longest. The washing machine’s spin cycle sometimes tears and stretches the liner. 

Liner’s hand-washing time will be longer but in exchange, you will not need to replace it regularly. All you need to do is to soak the liner into a bucket with soapy water, gently rub it with your hands, then wash it again with clean water, then wring it out and hang it outside in a windy place. If you ride motors regularly, then you should have at least two liners to always have a clean one available to use. 

This is the part that directly contacts your head and rarely exposed to the sunlight. Sweat and dead skin will stay there and be very irritating to the scalp, moreover, it is a favorable environment for mold and bacteria to grow. So, make sure to clean the liner regularly so that you will not wear a smelly motorcycle helmet.

Best way to clean motorcycle helmet visor

When driving motorcycles, especially at night, you will inevitably avoid bugs hitting your visor. Never use your gloved hands to wipe them away, as they can easily blur your shield or even scratches it. Visors are usually clear, so you can not clean it by dried fiber. It needs to be cleaned by window cleaner, mineral water, or window wiper.

Do not use oil spray because it could leave a blur on your shield resulting in a flare when you look at other vehicle’s headlight, streetlight, or sunlight. However, eucalyptus oil doesn’t have that effect. This kind of oil will dry up quickly and, of course, it will not leave a smeary film on your fiber. This oil also has fragrant which will make your helmet smell nice.

how to clean a motorcycle helmet

The best detergent should be alcohol-based cleaners because alcohol is volatile and leaves no blemishes on the visor. You can pour some alcohol into a small jar and carry it in your pocket every time you drive, so you can easily clean it whenever you need. You will need a special piece of cloth, too. We recommend microfiber cloth.

You will also need to wash this as the cloth must be clean before your visor can be cleaned. If there are dried-bugs on the visor, spray the detergent on them and wait until the bugs are softened before you can use a towel to wipe them away. Another way is to disassemble the visor and soak it into soapy water, wash again under clean water and let it dry by air or you can wipe the water by soft tissue.  

What if you forgot your cleaning tools? Don’t worry, try to look around for a public toilet, there will be toilet paper in there, wet it and place it on the visor outer surface and leave it there for 10s, then you can remove the dirt. If there are watermarks, use dry toilet paper to remove it. 

How to wash a motorcycle helmet straps

As this is an immovable part of a helmet and hard to clean, the straps often contain dirt like sweat, dead skin, etc. And that is a great environment for bacteria. So how to clean it? Before cleaning the straps, you need to take off the helmet pads. Then use a brush (a toothbrush is fine) to dry-wash it before you wet it as the water will make the salt deposits soak in deeper.

While brushing, you should bend the straps to remove the most salt. The next step is to rinse the straps with warm water(around 45-50 degrees Celcius).  You can wash them with a little soap or detergent to clean completely, then keep them under running water for two minutes to wash off all soap and detergent, and leave it naturally dry. If you the straps make you itchy, then the detergent hasn’t been clean completely, wash it again with clean water. 

How to clean a motorcycle helmet cheek pads?

This is the part that directly contacts with your cheeks which means it also contains a lot of dead skin and sweat, You need to clean it regularly to protect your skin. There are two types of helmet cheeks pads. One is removable and the other is unremovable.

If they are removable the take it off and remove the covers and wash it by hands and air-dried. And if they are fixed, then clean them with warm water and shampoo. Do not soak it as it is hard to squeeze all the water and the time to dry the helmet will be longer. 

Place the helmet in a warm place or under the sun to make it dry faster. Pay attention to the temperature, if too hot the inside liner will be damaged. 

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