How to make your motorcycle helmet quieter

Does the noise annoy you when you ride? I know some of you are trying to find some way to quickly get rid of it, so in this post, I will give you some tips on how to make your motorcycle helmet quieter. Read on!

These tips are not effective for 100%, but we assure they can make a considerable noise reduction. You can try multiple tips at the same time to have the best results.

But before implementing these soundproof tips, you should know how the noise is created and how it affects your hearing.

What is wind noise?

Wind noise happens when the wind contact ad hits a solid surface, and this creates a vibration that our ears can detect. 

This vibration is louder when you drive fast or in strong winds. The louder the noise is, the more it can affect your eardrums and riding experience. 

reduce wind noise motorcycle helmet

Another noise is the motorcycle engine. This noise is hard to prevent as it is transmitted through your bones to your ears.

How the wind noise can damage your hearing

Wind noise is far louder than we expected. It can reach a dangerous level of 100 DB at over 65 mph. 

The result of being exposed to this noise consistently can be tinnitus, fatigue, or even loss of hearing. 

How to make a motorcycle helmet quieter?

Tip #1: Buy a quiet motorcycle helmet

This is one of the best ways you can do to get quiet while riding. Some soundproof features to look for in a helmet are type of helmet, aerodynamics, and vent holes.

Accordingly, you should choose a full-face type as it can cover the entire head. Other design such as half helmet or open-face helmet are always very noisy.

motorcycle helmet noise reduction

Remember to choose one that has a sleek and smooth design so that the wind can glide over your helmet more easily, therefore, create no extra wind noise.

It will be really suffocating if your full-face does not have any vents, so looking for one that has a quieter ventilation system.

Tip #2: Make sure your helmet fits your head perfectly

Fit helmets provide you the best protection, and it can protect you from the wind noise at the same time.

The snug helmet alone can reduce up to 80% wind noise resonating through the helmet. We have a post on how to measure your head for a proper fit helmet, you can read it to buy a correct lid. 

Tip #3: Wear a scarf

how to make a motorcycle helmet quieter

This is a seasonal tip, I mean this tip is used only during the colder months. This can cover the underneath area where your helmet meets your neck.

In this way, the scarf stops the wind from traveling through the helmet, thus stops the turbulence creating wind noise.

Tip #4: Wear earplugs

In case you don’t have a quiet helmet, a pair of earplugs can be a very convenient way to deal with the wind noise. They cover your ears and absorb the most harmful noise level.

The silicone is soft and comfortable to wear, and it can adapt most ear sizes. When you purchase, an aluminum carrying case is attached for your storage and transport.

Some riders make use of their Bluetooth headsets to listen to music while riding. That is a good idea, but it is just a temporary solution because if you listen to music for long hours, it may cause the same effects as wind noise.

Tip #5: Use ear muffs

This is another seasonal tip. Unlike earplugs covering inside your ears, ears muff tend to protect your ears on the outside.

reduce wind noise motorcycle helmet

This requires your helmet to have enough space to support them. If it does, so you can stay warm and avoid wind noise at the same time.

Tip #6: Wear wind blocker

The underneath of the helmet seems to be the source of wind noise. In addition to some tips above, you can buy a helmet that has padding in the neck area.

If your current helmet doesn’t have it, then you could buy padded helmet supports separately. 

These supports help you not only to reduce the noise but also to provide you additional comfort and neck support. We recommend you use this NOJ Quiet Rider as it is super lightweight and effectively reduces the wind noise.

Tip #7: Use fleece

As you may know, Fleece is pretty similar to a wind blocker in terms of noise reduction. Stuff some fleece behind the cheek pads, and this will help to deflect the wind from rising up into your helmet.

Tip #8: remove the motorcycle windscreen

This may sound unreasonable but in fact, windscreen or other motorcycle accessories cause more turbulence. Removing this unnecessary can help you minimize significant wind noise.

Tip #9: Adjust the motorcycle windscreen

For those who still want to keep the windscreen on their motorcycle, there is still a way it can help with reducing the noise. It is to adjust it into the correct shape.

 To do this, you will need a windscreen spoiler which can deflect more wind and reduce a significant amount of noise.

motorcycle helmet noise reduction

Tip #10: Wear a face mask

A face mask can protect you from bugs, dust, and other objects during your ride and reflect the wind rising up underneath your helmet at the same time. You will see, this act the same as a scarf.

Tip #11: Close the visor

We are attempting to reduce all unnecessary opening in your helmet to avoid the wind noise, so you should close your visor, too. If your visor is open, don’t ask why your helmet is so noisy.

Tip #12: Wear a balaclava

This is similar to a scarf. So make sure you use this only in cold days, or else it will make the situation worse. 



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