How to measure your head size for a motorcycle helmet?

Choosing a well-fit helmet is as important as choosing a standard one. If your helmet is too big for your head, it won’t function as intended or may slip off the head. Too tight helmets, on the other hand, bring pain and discomfort to your head. So how to measure for a motorcycle helmet? Let read and follow these steps below 

This is a simple but quite important step. Many people skip this step because they think it is okay to choose a fit helmet, but after a few months of use they throw it away because it doesn't suit their driving style. There are many types of motorbike helmets on the market today, and it may be overwhelming for you to choose one yourself. So where should you start? 

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how to measure head for motorcycle helmet

First, you need to determine what your style of riding is. If you ride on retros, cruisers, or classics, you should choose an open face helmet. This may be the cheapest helmet as it doesn’t have as many features as others.

 If you are a racer and speed enthusiast, then take a full-face helmet. As its name, a full face will cover everything from the neck upwards. The biggest drawback of this helmet type is it has no ventilation, but in the return, it is the most protective one.  

A Modular motorcycle helmet can be converted into either an open face or a full face. This helmet is very convenient for touring riders who will need a full face when getting into the high way and easy to adjust to an open face helmet for some fresh air while grabbing food from a rest stop. Since two helmet styles are in one, the modular helmets are usually heavier and noisier than other conventional helmets.

If you are touring riders and you go on and off-road often, then an adventure helmet(ADV helmet) is suitable for you. This helmet can be a legal safety rated helmet on the street, but when you go in the trail, it can be a dirt helmet. Again this is a multi-functional motorcycle helmet. 

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2. how to measure for a motorcycle helmet to buy?

 First, you need to know what your head shape is. There are three types of head shapes which are long oval(long and thin), and round oval(almost round), intermediate oval(somewhere between round and long). Have someone take a photo of your head, don't forget to flatten your hair so that you can determine the exact shape. The most common shape is the intermediate oval, however, you should check it for sure.

The next step is to size your motorcycle helmet. You will need a tape measure and a friend to help you in case you can’t measure on your own. Wrap the tape around your head above the eyebrows and widest part of your head. Once you have the result, collate it with the size table to determine the size helmet corresponding to your head size.  

3. Try it on

After completing the above two steps, you can narrow down the search scope of the helmet. If you buy a helmet from a local sop, they may let you try it. But if you don't have time to shop, you can also order it online, but make sure you find a reputable retailer. When the order is delivered to your house, try it on. New helmets are often difficult to wear, you must adjust the straps and your ears before you put it on.

how to measure motorcycle helmet size

4. Is the helmet fit?

Do you feel uncomfortable? If yes, then you need to try another helmet. This discrepancy may come from the step you measure the head size or size comparison. Check all the measuring steps again and read the product description carefully.

A proper size helmet will bring you comfort for both the head and cheeks. Your cheeks will be pushed up a little by cheek pads. 

5. Leave the helmet on your head for 30 minutes

This step is needed in order to simulate the actual feeling you will have when driving. If you feel tight, that is right for you. But if the helmet causes a headache that makes you want to get it off, then a replacement is needed. If there is a red line on your forehead, that helmet does not work for you because just imagine if you wear the helmet continuously for hours, how serious the effect will be.

 During this 30-minute period, you should sit or walk around the house rather than driving, otherwise, you will not be able to return it if there is any nonconformity. After the first half-hour, if there's no discomfort then that helmet is for you. Now you can grab your motorbike and ride around confidently with your new helmet. Enjoy!

With the useful information above, I hope you have already found  the answer for the question "how to size a motorcycle helmet"

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