How to prevent hair loss due to wearing a motorcycle helmet?

Obviously, many women ( even men with long hair ) usually experience hair loss because they style their hair too tight.

People who wear helmets for years regularly do experience the same hair loss.

There hasn’t been any scientific research but based on some individuals’ experiences, there is a relation between wearing helmet and hair loss. 

Although it damages your hair, you still need to wear it at any time you drive because it is a necessary protective precaution.

So in this post, HelmetsZone will help you find out some ways to both stay safe and support your hair and scalp health.  

Make sure you wear your helmet in the right way to avoid hair fall

It is true that the way you wear your lid can affect your hair.

Both small and loose bike and motorcycle helmets cause traction alopecia ( a type of hair loss caused by hair continuously pulled backward ). 

  Traction alopecia will weaken your hair and make it fall more easily, the worst case is your hair will stop growing.

It is said that if you rub the helmet against your hairline repeatedly, the hair shafts can be irritated. Then it will cause scalp inflammation resulting in more hair loss.

how-to-prevent helmet hair loss

So, remember to check if your current helmet fits you perfectly. The proper size lid must not be too tight or too loose, and when you put it one, you don’t feel any force pulling your front hairline backward.

That means before you buy a motorcycle helmet, you must learn how to determine motorcycle helmet size.

It is wise not to wear a too heavy lid, too because the helmet’s weight can pull your hair more. So, why don’t you try this lightest carbon fiber motorcycle helmet

Try to avoid any friction from the helmet to your hair by wrapping your head by a scarf or a piece of cloth before putting on your lid. 

Treat existing scalp problem

 If you have any scalp problems like dandruff, scalp infection, or itchy scalp, you must hurry to treat it right away.

Otherwise, those problems plus accumulated sweat can clog hair roots, making your hair fall off more easily.  

If you do have these scalp problems, then you can visit a dermatologist or doctor to stop them right away.

treat scalp problem

The alternative method is to take care of your hair at home. I would like to recommend you the HairMax Density Activator.

This product helps your hair grows more naturally and anchors on your scalp strongly. There are some more home remedies you can refer to for more natural solutions.

I’m gonna recommend you some here:

Home remedies itchy scalps & dandruff

  • Way 1: Mix apple cider vinegar with water in a 1:1 ratio.

Pour the mixture in a spray bottle then spray an adequate amount on your hair and leave it there for 10 minutes, then rinse your head under the clean water. 

You can do this method a few times a week to get the best result.

home remedies for itchy scalps and dandruff
  • Way 2: Mix different essential oils and apply it on your hair.

Through this way, the hair can take full advantage of the oils’ potent concentration of natural nutrients to treat the problem gently. 

If you still want to deeply cleanse your scalp, then you should definitely go with HairMax Density Revitalizer.

This hair care product combines menthol and peppermint oil which really can refresh your scalp and leave you cool and clear hair roots. 

Helmet hair loss can be prevented if you keep your lid always clean

When your head sweats, the helmet lining and pads will absorb that sweat. And you know, there will be bacteria and dirt, too.

This is an ideal environment for fungal growth and bacterial breeding. All these stuff mixes up together and stays in the lining and paddings until you clean it.

This can infect your scalp health and impact your hair growth. 

What you should do is either clean your inner lining regularly or use anti-bacterial paddings or lining that can absorb the sweat right way, leaving you the dry helmet.

You should keep your helmet in an upside-down position so that the air can come inside and dry the sweat right away and make it less smelling.

Some motorcyclists recommend using NoSweat, a disposable sweat-absorbing liner, to stick on the inside of your lid so that it can absorb the sweat right away. 

Clean and moisturize your hair

This is the thing you need to do maintain a good scalp and hair roots.

If your head usually sweats, then you should wash your hair regularly to wash off buildup and bacteria. 

clean and moisturize your hair


So your scalp can breathe and your hair can grow strongly and healthily. 

In addition to washing your hair regularly, try to take off your helmet whenever you take a break during the rides so that both your head and the lining can have some time to rest and dry out a little bit. 

It is suggested that you could use a cotton cloth to soak up any sweat on the inside of your helmet.

Also, such cloth can help to reduce friction between your hair and the lining. Make sure you clean or replace the cloth after every use or else your hair will get dirty again even you have just washed it. 

Proper moisturizing can both protect your hair from dryness and reduce friction between your hairline and helmet.

You can use natural products like aloe vera or coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner. In case you want to protect and restore the hair, use HairMax Den-si-ty Shampoo.

With therapeutic botanical as the main ingredient and some other supporting elements such as DHT blockers, this product can really help with scalp treatment and hair growth!

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