How to wear a motorcycle helmet? | Advantages of wearing a motorcycle helmet

We all know that the head is one of the most important parts of our body as it houses our brain. Wearing a motorcycle helmet while riding is the best way to protect your head from a severe head injury. Plus, a helmet is also a fashion accessory to help you look cooler than ever on your motor. 

Although wearing helmets is easy, but there are some little points people rarely pay attention to.  these points then lead to wrong motorcycle helmet wearing. Keep reading this post and you will know how to wear a motorcycle helmet properly.

Make sure the helmet fits you 

Your helmet should perfectly fit your head size. Experts advised that The hat on your head must be straight, not off to the side. Don’t get a helmet that is too big for your head as it could not provide the best protection. To choose the size more easily, you can choose a half helmet, especially a safest half helmet.

Choose the right helmet size 

It is advisable that you should use the helmet that has the same size as your hat size. Hats have the size of S, M, L, and XL, and so do helmets. For example, if your hat size is M so that your helmet size should be M, too. And if your hat size is between M and L, for instance, then you better get a custom made motorcycle helmet. In case you can’t find a helmet as you wish, then try to talk to the helmet manufacturers and make an arrangement.

how to wear a motorcycle helmet

Not to do things

Don’t tilt your helmet. 

A motorcycle helmet functions differently from your hat. Its main job is to protect users, while a hat can be used to show your fashion sense. If you still want to tilt your helmet, you probably have some problems or feel hard to control your vehicle. The right thing to do is always keep your helmet straight on your head.

Don’t let your helmets straps too tight

Too tight or loose helmet straps will bring discomfort. If it is too tight, it will cause pain on your chin and jaw and sometimes you can feel hard to breathe. On the other hand, if the straps are too loose, it may slide off your head. So make sure your helmet straps are pulled enough tight until the helmet is steady on your head. 

Additional checks

Check if the cheeks pads push your cheek too much, or is there any gap between your temple and the helmet’s brow pads. The visor should not touch your nose, or else your helmet is too small for you. For choosing the right helmet size, we have the more specific guide here in How to measure for a motorcycle helmet

Advantages of wearing motorcycle helmets

You may know the main benefit of a motorcycle helmet is to protect you from head injuries, but it also has other minor pros that you may not realize. 

Prevent flying objects

While you are driving, it's hard to avoid sudden flying objects such as twigs or gravel, or soft objects such as bugs. The helmet visor will function as glasses to protect your eyes from those things. 

Protect your head from the weather agents

When you ride outdoors, you are exposed to the weather. A motorcycle helmet can shield your head and face from bad agents such as UV rays, water when it rains, or provide the warm house for the head in the cold weather. To protect your helmet better, you can use Carbon Fiber motorcycle helmets.

wear a motorcycle helmet

 Resist noise

When wearing a motorcycle helmet, you can avoid the sound of the wind blowing in your ears or the noise from other vehicles on the busy street that usually cause a headache. 

Reduce insurance and medical costs

The medical cost is high or low depending on how serious your injuries are. Many studies show that unhelmeted motor riders usually have higher medical costs than those who are helmeted. According to the Insurance Institute’s studies, many motorcyclists are not having health insurance, therefore, their treatment costs will be taken from the government or in other words, from taxpayers’ money.

In case you want to get more tips on motorcycle helmet, let check out our Motorcycle Helmet Tips category

Alright, I hope that the information shared above has helped you to find out the way to wear a motorcycle helmet. Enjoy!

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