How to cope with motorcycle helmet hair?

Helmet hair is a big problem for someone who usually rides a motorcycle. It can annoy you and ruin your day.

Just imagine you get up very early to style your hair, but it gets flat when you take the helmet off. 

You don’t have to accept it because you have the edge on the helmet hair.

You have tips, tricks, tools, and proper products to kick this problem out of your life. Some motorcycle helmet hair solutions HelmetsZone provided below will really help. 

Motorcycle helmet hair solutions for men

Solution #1: Consider your hairstyle

Don’t style your hair with a lot of gels or spiked parts. They are not helmet-friendly.

The excessive gel can accumulate on the inside of your helmet and stay there until you wash it. 

There will be no problem if your hair is tucked in place when the helmet is pulled on. 

Don’t pull your helmet completely on at first, pull it halfway on. While the face shield is opening, use your hand to sweep your bangs to the place you want it to be.

When everything is secured, you can pull the helmet down. 

Solution #2: Consider Your Haircut

I know this may be hard for some of you because riding a motorcycle is not a good reason to modify your haircut.

best haircut for motorcycle helmet

But for those who usually ride a motorcycle like me, keeping my hair as short as possible is a need. 

The helmet-friendly haircut will have a long enough section to secure in place easily and short sections.

However, I guarantee the medium sections will be the one you have the most problems. 

Solution #3: Consider a Head Sock or Knit Skullcap

If you want your hair looks perfect when you arrive at your destination, then consider using a knit head sock.

motorcycle helmets with hair

This can help to keep your hair relatively the same as it was before you put the helmet on. This is easy to use, fix your hair and form it, then you can put the head sock on, then the helmet. 

This can help you reduce the friction between the helmet lining and the hair, thereby preventing helmet hair loss.

Solution #4: Use a modular motorcycle helmet

A modular helmet can provide you the full protection of a full-face lid and it also provides you the convenience of an open-face.

You can pull the two sidebars up when you want to wear the lid. This way, you can expand the opening hole you have to stick your head in. I own a flip-up lid, and I feel really comfortable when I put it on.

No parts of the helmet touch my face and my head until it is pulled off completely. Those who haven’t had this type of lid and are wanting to buy one can refer to this list of top modular motorcycle helmets

Solution #5: Shave your head

This may be a crazy idea for somebody. However, it is worth a shot. If you were to choose between hair and cool riding motorcycles, what would you choose? Bald will be cool if we all unite!

Motorcycle helmet hair solutions for women

women's hair motorcycle helmet

Solution #6: embrace beach spray

This can make your hair looks totally intended and not messy.

Solution #7: Braid your hair

If you have long hair, the best way is to braid it neatly so that it will not get on your face and eyes while you are riding. 

Solution #8: prepare an arsenal of mini-essentials

Always bring with you some hair care products to solve your hair problem.

Carry anti-humidity or a beach spray if you have frizzy hair.

Use a dry shampoo if your hair looks greasy all day due to sweat. The shampoo will make your mane looks fresher.

Don’t let your hair be a big problem of your riding. As I said, you have enough tools and tips to cope with any helmet hair problem.

I’m quite sure these tips above can help you a lot. Let’s try it!

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