QWART Phoenix Helmet Review

QWART Phoenix Helmet Review
  • Brand: QWART
  • Model: Phoenix
  • Weight: The Slick model = 1.1 kg; the Standard model = 1.2 kg
  • Certification: ECE safety certification
  • Technology: 8 Grade Carbon Fiber

When talking about versatile helmets, the QWART Phoenix Helmet is always on the list. It suits every need and wins the hearts by a lot of great features from the design to the quality. 

Over the years, the brand is gaining more and more recognization from people all over the world and constantly research and develop to produce the most modern and convenient helmets. 

Among the top QWART product lines, the Phoenix, which is standard and slick, stands out from others.

If you are still interested, continue reading this complete review and find out what makes this model different. 

Summary characteristics

  • Brand: QWART
  • Model: Phoenix
  • Type: Slick or Standard
  • Technology: 8 Grade Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: The Slick model = 1.1 kg; the Standard model = 1.2 kg. 
  • Finish: Multiple choices
  • Certification: ECE safety certification

Highlighted features of the QWART Phoenix Helmet

When comparing this model to other helmets at the same price, the Phoenix outweighs others due to the following outstanding features.

  1. Design variation 

There are two different variations for you to choose which are Slick and Standard. From this, you can choose one that best suits your style and requirements.

  1. Esthetics

QWART grasps buyer psychology and always looks for a way to produce motorcycle helmets that are stylish and functional at the same time.

What you will feel when you wear this lid? It is the feeling of right. The right protection, the right fit, and the right style.

Moreover, this helmet is light in weight and is very comfortable to wear on long rides.

The most visible side of this helmet is made from Carbon Fiber which is known as a strong and durable material.

The outer design makes people feel like there is something futuristic but there is also something classic.  

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  1. Ultimate protection

As mentioned earlier, the helmet outer shell is made of the premium quality materials, the grade 8 Carbon Fiber.

This material is so strong that can resist the most impact energy. The inner lining is made from EPS. This adds more cushioning to protect your head.

You see this QWART Phoenix Helmet provides you two layers of protection from outside to inside. 

  1. Personal design

This is a policy of QWART in which you can adjust your helmet colors, sizes, or finishes. In other words, you take part in designing your own helmet.

This is like a win-win policy, while the QWART will attract more customers and you will get the helmet you wanted.

As you can design your helmet, it will look really unique and can reflect your personality.

The brand always strictly control the quality of there output, you can receive the perfect helmet from protection to design.

Additional features

  • Ventilation

The vents in this helmet work both ways. Some will intake the cool fresh air and others will exhale the air you breathe out.

This helps optimize the airflow and creates a vortex effect inside the helmet. In hot summer, you will feel really thankful for this lid.

  • ECE approved

This helmet has passed all the quality tests from the ECE. This proves that this lid is really safe and secure. These tests are really strict.

They focus on testing the ability to protect the wearer in case of a crash so that you can wear it without any worry. 

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  • Soft and plush interior

The interior will decide your comfort when you ride. The suede lining of this helmet is soft and plush, and really gentle to your skin which will make you feel comfortable during the rides.

You can choose the lining that combines suede as well. 

  • Various accessories options

QWART allows you to personalize your helmet by letting you choose your color, size, and graphic design.

Now, they offer you a wide choice of helmet accessories to integrate into your helmet.

It can be seen that they were really thoughtful! Sound like you can have a new helmet every day by customizing this Phoenix, right?

If you do not know how to custom by your self, you may want to visit the QWART’s Custom Shop to get your own helmet done. 


Although this helmet is not very high-end to satisfy tech-savvy riders, its versatility and functionality could really make it worth buying.

Every modification to this lid that breaks its entirety will reduce the validity of the ECE certification. For example, when you modify the chin and take some pieces off, it is no longer safe. 

This can be said the ECE certification is valid only when the helmet is kept intact.

If you insist on adjusting your helmet that way to look cooler, then it is advisable to have another helmet for your daily ride, and the Phoenix is just for special occasions.

To conclude, the QWART Phoenix is a perfect choice at the price. You can freely adjust your helmet as you wish without any difficulty. It can protect you no matter on what terrain you ride.

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