Simpson Street Bandit Motorcycle Helmet ( Review 2020)

street bandit motorcycle helmet
  • Type: Full-face
  • Brand: Simpson
  • Model: Street Bandit
  • Standards: DOT & ECE
  • Shell: Lightweight composite shell
  • Lining: removable, plush
  • Visor: Detachable

Our rating

This full-face Simpson Street Bandit motorcycle helmet has a drag and vintage racing style. Its characteristics will definitely win your heart. 

Plus, this brand has been making safety gear for major cars for more than 60 years and no wonder its helmets are approved by both DOT and Snell M2015. 

If you are looking for a motorcycle helmet, then you are in the right place.

This post is a complete review of the this outstanding model where you can find full features and advantages of this gear, thereby making the right choice. 

Consider what you need in a lid, and you will help you to make a decision more quickly and easily. Now, Let’s get started!

The Simpson Street Bandit helmet has a totally outstanding and unique style.

After major improvement, this model has helped to keep Simpson one step ahead of its competitors.   

No more waiting, let’s see how this motorcycle helmet can fit your requirements. 

Features of the Simpson Street Bandit Motorcycle Helmet: 

Here is the list of 8 highlighted features we found on this lid: 

  1. Simple design but look really stylish. 
  2. DOT and Snell approved
  3. More flexibility with top vents with shut off options.
  4. Excellent field of vision with the larger port area
  5. Better protection with 3mm thick face shiels
  6. Chin air vents ram - suitable for those who usually on long rides
  7. Three shell sizes: easy for you to pick out the right size for your head
  8. Various shield options: Mirrored, Iridium, Amber, and Smoke.

Advantages of this helmet

The bandit motorcycle helmet is special not only for its appearance but also for the comfort it brings to you. 

  1. Shield

As I mentioned earlier, the shield of this lid is 3mm thick which is perfect and moto centric.

The room between the top and the shield is enough wide for you to deal with any problem with the placement when you are in a three-quarter position with the shield

There is one thing you have to know that is the shield does not have a quick-release button. This means, if you want to detach the visor, you have to remove a screw by hand. 

  1. Ventilation

The Simpson Street Bandit has vents on three positions which are the top vents and the chin vents (on both sides in the chin area).

This design is to help the air can come inside from every angle. The vents on the top are about 15mm wide and are enabled with a shut-off option, but the chin vents don’t have such an option. 

  1. Enlarged eyeport area

This model has a larger port area compared to other models in the Street Bandit category of the Simpson motorcycle helmets.

This large eye port helps the Simpson Street Bandit wearers’ to have a better peripheral vision.

  1. Anti-bacterial inner lining

For the better fit and comfort, a lining was added on the inside of this motorcycle helmet.

Detachable cheek pads are also added to the body of the helmet so that you can detach and wash them more regularly to have a fresher lid and prevent bacteria. 

 In addition, an extra set of cheek pads is added with your box.

This set can be used in case there is a space between your face and the helmet and when the fitted cheek pads are not very comfortable.

These extra pads are a bit narrower compared to the given pads. This will help ensure the best comfort and fit when you are riding. 

  1. DOT and Snell certified

This motorcycle helmet is approved by both DOT and Snell.

That means it has passed all the safety tests and is ready to offer absolute protection to you on the road in case of a mishap.

If you don’t know about what is DOT and Snell, you can read more details in Motorcycle Helmet Standards: DOT, SNELL, ECE 22.05  

Something more you need to know about The Street Bandit before buying one

The visor has no anti-fog coating: This may come as the biggest disadvantage of the Street Bandit. While most motorcycle helmets have this feature, this model doesn’t provide it. 

To prevent fog development on your helmet and have a clear vision on foggy days, you need to keep the visor in a sitting position and not close it totally. 

You should not use it under the rain: If you wear this helmet and ride under the heavy rain, the water can seep through the shell and get inside. 

The frontal portion can be a bit elongated: Compared to other Simpson motorcycle helmets, this model has a more elongated front.

This is not a benefit, because it creates a bigger space between your face and the helmet. 


Although the Street Bandit helmet still has some minor points, you still receive a lot of benefits from it.  The reasonable price adds more to the reasons why you should pick this one. 

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