How to stop helmet visor fogging – The most effective solutions

When it comes to motorcycle helmets,  the safety factors include the visor not fogging up when you drive during foggy days or when you breathe heavily. It is essential to have a clear road ahead while riding. 

One of the causes of fogging building up on your visor is the condensation. If you wear a full-face, your entire head will be covered. The CO2 from your breathing will get strapped inside and create fog and mist on the inside visor. Riders encounter this more in the cold weather. 

In this post, we will give you some solutions on how to stop helmet visor fogging and maximizing your visibility. 

How to keep motorcycle helmet visor from fogging up

Solution #1: Use anti-fog inserts

how to keep motorcycle helmet from fogging

This may be the best solution for a fog-free face shield as the anti-fog inserts are thin, light, and clear plastic sheets.

 When you stick it to your visor, it looks just the same as the original. You insert them on both visor’s inner and outer sides.

 It is the hydrophilic layer on the plastic that can absorb the humidity and keep everything dry and clear. 

You can find different types of anti-fog inserts on the market, but they are all the same. 

Solution #2: Use anti-fog spray/treatment

These products can stop your visor from fogging up inside temporarily due to a chemical surfactant that can break the water’s surface tension, giving you a clearer view.  You will need to apply this chemical again after every 24 - 72 hours.

To have the best effect, you should spray it on your visor just before you are going to use your helmet. Clean your shield first, let it dry, then spray the anti-fog on evenly and leave it dry for a few minutes. 

This solution is recommended for those who do not ride in wet conditions.  

Solution #3: Pinlock lens

This is similar to the anti-fog insert. It can be installed on the inner side of the visor. The double glazing effect helps to keeps the temperature inside the visor remains the same as that outside.

The material to make this lens is organic and clear and has a silicon edge which will create a tight bond between the visor and the insert, thereby preventing the moisture between them. 

how to prevent helmet from fogging up

Pinlock lens is great for those who ride in the cold weather because it keeps you warm and the visor clear during your rides. 

You can get this pin-lock lens for free if you buy Pinlock enabled helmets, it is included in the package. Some small posts are already set on the inner side of the visor of these helmets. 

Solution #4: Use Anti-fog coating

This is a temporary solution, similar to anti-fog spray but lasts longer about 1-2 years. However, this is still a good solution as you will not need to reapply the chemical before every use.

You do not need to apply the anti-fog coating on your own, the manufacturers will do it for you.  Different grades of hydrophilic ingredients will be used to eliminate the fog from your shield.

Solution #5: Use a foggy mask

how to keep helmet from fogging up

This is a way to stop fog inside the visor caused by your breath. We recommend you the Respro Foggy Breathguard.

Like some other normal face masks, this foggy mask covers half of your face including your mouth and nose, thereby helping to prevent helmet from fogging up. This mask is designed to use mostly under full-face crash helmets. 

Moreover, the Foggy Breathguard can help to filter the air inside. So it does not only stop the visor from setting in but also clean the air inside the helmet. 

Solution #6: Use water repellents

This is a chemical product that can prevent fog from building up on your visor. You can use these water repellents to clean your glasses as well.

Solution #7: Increase ventilation

You can not add more vent holes to your helmet, but you can increase the ventilation by opening the visor. This way, the air you breathe out will be released, and the fresh air can go inside at the same time. 

If it rains, just open the visor slightly using the notch on the visor so that your face will not get wet. 

how to prevent visor from fogging up

Solution #8: Use dish-washing soap

Use dish-washing soap to clean your helmet, it can help prevent fogging in your helmet visor. Put an adequate amount of dish-washing soap on a soft rag and rub the inner side of the visor.  

Use another clean rag to wipe off all the soap until the visor is clear. This is the cheapest way that you can try right away. Let’s see how it works on your lid!

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Solution #9: Anti-fog wipe

As you may know, moisture is one of the main causes of fog building up on your visor. To prevent fog, you will need to clean the grime and wipe off all water. The anti-fog wipe can help with removing the moisture and dirt.


Fog building up in the visor is the concern of not only riders but also helmet manufacturers. They take this seriously because it directly affects the safety of wearers. With the advanced technology and the solutions HelmetsZone provided above, you now can solve the problem more easily. 

Some of the best solutions here are Pinlocks, Anti-fog inserts, anti-fog sprays. Learning how to prevent fogging in motorcycle helmet is important, you will no longer worry about the fog annoying you.

Let’s try out our suggested solution and they will surprise you! 

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