In the past, protective gear like helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, or wrist guards was considered dull for skateboarders and people hardly saw a skateboarder with a helmet on. However, skaters are now more comfortable with helmets and think it is quite necessary to wear one, especially for young riders. 

Skateboarding is an extreme sport; therefore, the chance you get your head bumped to the ground is quite high and this can lead to fatal injuries to your brain. For kids, the situation is even worse as their bodies haven’t fully developed yet. 

Hence, it is crucial that kids can get a proper helmet to protect their heads during high-speed rides in skateboarding. To help parents and young skaters get a better look at some decent products on the market, this post will provide the necessary information on the best skateboard helmet for kids in 2022. 

Hopefully, all skaters will be able to get a proper skateboard helmet that satisfies the required certificates. In the USA and in Europe, there are two main certifications for skateboard and bicycle helmets namely ASTM F1492 and CE EC 1078. 

Although the best skateboard helmet had better be the one that was specially designed to take impact in skateboarding, you can also use some bike helmets as long as they meet the above standard to ensure safety. 

Here are some recommended helmets for kids to take up safe skating sessions: 


There is no doubt that a dual certified helmet like this Triple Eight product is the best for skating. The helmet is advertised as providing excellent absorption of superior shock and the total weight is not considerable. 


The Triple company also offers two sets of fit pads manufactured by Sweatersaver to ensure the comfort and customization of each customer. The feature that I like most is the washable fit pads to avoid bacteria from accumulating. 

The outer of the helmet is made from tough ABS plastic and equipped with a shock-absorbing EPS liner. Moreover, the helmet has good air circulating vents to keep the rider's head cool and dry when they perform directly under the sun. 

This product receives so much positive feedback from users about its multi-purposes such as biking, in-line skating, rollerblading, riding scooters, and of course, skateboarding. Not only does the Triple helmet keep the head safe and sound, but it also fits the head tightly and looks pretty stylish. 


Another product produced by Triple company is a sleek and stylish skating helmet as the previous one that I have just introduced to you. Besides using the same Sweatsaver fabric as the previous one, this helmet is a half-shell helmet that is stuffed with dual-density EPS foam. 


Though I am writing this post for kids, this product can offer both the adult and kid versions with the adjustable chin strap to make the helmet as comfortable as it can. In terms of quality, customers shouldn’t be worried about a dual CPSC 1203 and ASTM F-1492 certified product like this one. 


Kids often take part in more than one outdoor activity; therefore, parents are into a multi-purpose product like this Bavilk helmet so that their children can be safe in skateboarding, in-line skating, scooter riding, and rollerblading. 

I must say this multi-sport helmet deserves to be the Best Kids Skateboard Helmet as its capability of handling shock with the absorbent EPS together with the hard ABS cover. Knowing that skaters will sweat a lot during skating, the manufacturer had added 12 air vents into a single helmet to keep their heads cool.

When purchasing this item, customers also get the drawstring bad for all kid, youth, or adult versions. According to some buyers, this helmet often fits a little tight on the sides as you wear it for the first time. 


In handling abrupt crashes or impacts, this dual certified helmet should stay on the list of the top products. The ABS outer shell, the EPS liner, and the adjustable chin strap are two factors that make this product so good for skating. 

In terms of ventilation, large air vents are placed all around the helmet to ensure adequate airflow. When encountering this helmet, I found it extremely familiar to the design of previous items and I discovered that this helmet was also designed by Triple 8 and 187 Killer Pads. 

Though this item is said to provide adequate protection to your head as well as the washable feature to easily clean, some skateboarders say it is a bit bulky for skateboarders. Some of the others even want the manufacturer to add ear coverage in their upcoming versions. 


This item from Nesskin is probably the best multi-sport helmet on the market. If you are looking for something comfortable for different purposes like biking, scootering, rollerblading, etc, this helmet is probably a good choice. 

Similar to other high-quality helmets, this product also includes ABS outer shell, EPS foam liners which can be removed and washed with ease. With the same number of air vents as the 80 Six Dual helmets, you shouldn’t be worried about ventilation and cooling problems. 

Even though the company offers the adjustable Dial Fit System, many customers have reported that they find their helmets easily to be tightened or loosened during their rides. However, the neon color does make the product outstanding from the rest. 


The above are some famous products for children in skateboarding. As you can see, all the helmets I mentioned in today’s thread are manufactured by prestigious brands; therefore, the quality is always guaranteed. 

Typically, a skateboard helmet does not come in only one size; therefore, skaters should be capable of measuring exactly the size of their heads to pick the fittest. Otherwise, the helmet can not sit tight on your head and even cover your visit during practicing in case the helmet falls forward. 

After all, a skateboard helmet is only one of the various items that are necessary to ensure your health in an extreme sport like skateboarding. Hence, take your time to find the necessary information before buying any product. 

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