The importance of wearing helmets while riding motorcycles

In the past, Michigan had a helmet law that required all motorcyclists to wear helmets while riding motors. However, it is in April 2012 that this law was changed, whereby all cyclists under 21 years old must wear helmets while the older was not required if they have a minimum $20,000 medical insurance and 2+ year-motorcycle certification or having a state certification that shows they have finished a motorcycle safety course. In this post, Helmetszone will share some common facts about wearing motorcycle helmets.

There are 28 states that have the helmet law so far, but still, there are another three states that haven’t yet enacted a helmet-wearing law. Although your state may not require you to wear helmets, for your own safety you should wear it. 

Some motor riders complain that wearing helmets restricts their vision and hearing which make them more likely to get accident than that without helmets. Some others think it is like putting their life at risk while riding with a naked head. Statistics have demonstrated that wearing helmets does help in saving lives. Injuries caused by motorcycle accidents are more serious than those from car accidents.

The importance of wearing helmets while riding motorcycles

It is because the car chassis functions as a protective gear that helps to mitigate the impact of external forces on the driver and passengers. Motorcycle, on the other hand, does not have that feature, so we have to wear extra protective gear like helmets. The statistics show that the helmet helps to reduce the death rate caused by accident by 37 percent, and the head injuries decrease by 69%.

 The reason leading to 41% of motorcyclists’ death in 2010 is that they didn’t wear helmets. In the same year, 2,200 people would have been saved instead of 1500 if riders had worn helmets. One tip to test whether your helmet meets the standards set by the Department of Transportation is to check the hearing and the vision. If they are clear, then that is a proper helmet. 

Helmets help not only in saving lives but also in saving money. A study that compared the states having helmets usage law and states having incompleted or no helmet law shows that helmet law brings four times more economic benefits to the former state than the latter one. To ride motorcycle safely, you need to own a good motorcycle helmet. See more: top rated motorcycle helmets

In the United State in 2010 only, three billion cyclists were saved because they wore helmets, but the lucky didn’t come to other 1.4 billion unhelmeted cyclists. Averagely, an accident will cost the unhelmeted rider about $310,000 for medical treatment. Besides, when an accident occurred, there will be other people involved in it, the insurance money also increases accordingly. 

If the governments let their citizen choose whether or not to wear helmets when riding motorbicycles, most of them may choose the second choice in spite of the riskiness. Many statistics demonstrated that partial laws don’t bring many differences compared to the states with no helmet usage laws.

 The down face of partial laws is that it is applied to motorcyclists in a certain age range, so the police can not catch everyone and pull down the helmet to verify their age. The most effective way is to apply universal helmet laws that the police can easily catch who violate the law and save the time used to check one by one motorcyclists’ age to focus on more pressing matters.

 Younger cyclists had a high-risk appetite, so they don’t care much about their life and keep riding without helmets resulting in 60% of young riders get serious injuries in states applied partial helmet laws, while in states with universal helmet laws, it is only 22%. 

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