How to develop a helmet habit

My Friends' stories 

I had a chat with my friend from Minneapolis. He shared he often rides his motorbike without wearing a helmet.  I asked him why he did that. His answer made me a bit surprised. 

He said his state applied the helmet usage law initially to under 18-year-old motorcycle riders. And he thought that when an accident occurred, he was the only one suffering from injuries.  He is obviously putting himself at risk. Isn’t it tantamount to killing himself? 

Things will happen to you if you don’t wear a helmet

Let me ask you a question. Why do we have the helmet law? Riding with bear head doesn’t affect only you but also your family and your friends.

Suppose you got a serious injury on your head and you have to live in the hospital for a long time for treatment, who will take care of you? And what if you died? Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow and you don't always get lucky. 

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Plus, you will have to spend a lot of money on medical treatment that would have been used for other useful purposes if you were wearing a helmet. 

It's not over yet, social costs like insurance or emergency services will also drive up and if there is more than one injured person, then that cost will be double up.

So, don’t be selfish. Don’t let your personal interest annoys others’ life. No matter what types of helmet law your state applies, universal, partial, or none you should wear a helmet whenever you ride.

 If you're still trying to ride without a helmet in order to feel the cool breeze blowing through your hair, why don't you try to drive without wearing clothes, it will not only help you feel cooler but also reduce the risk of death, but I bet you will die of embarrassment.

I asked another friend, a motorcyclist, who would have died three years ago in a serious accident. He was young, adventurous, and didn’t care much about protecting himself. His mother repeatedly reminded him to wear a helmet. He also reluctantly obeyed.

 Fortunately, the day he had that accident was the day his mother insisted that he wear a helmet. The doctor said it was the helmet that prevents him from death occurred by severe head trauma. It took him nearly a year to fully recover from the accident and about $31,000 was used for his treatment including surgery and medication costs. 

So, how to develop a healthy helmet habit? 

To do this, first, make sure your helmet makes you feel comfortable. Check if your helmet is adjusted correctly and in the right size.

The helmet must fit your head. If it is too tight, it will not cause pain or headache. And if it is loose, it will be flipped up by the wind or slide away from your head. Always hang your helmet on or near your motorbike. This could help to remind you about wearing helmets. 

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Another way is to wear a helmet even you just cruise around your house, this will give you the reflex of wearing a hat every time you touch the motorbike. Believe me, this will definitely work because I tried it and recommend it to my friends, they all gave me good feedback.

Last but not least, you can spend some time a day reading or listening to news related to the deaths of unhelmeted drivers. This somehow will impact your mind and change your habit. 

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