Ideas for what to do with old motorcycle helmet in 2020

When a helmet is expired, it doesn’t mean you can not take any advantage of them. If you haven’t had an idea to recycle it, then this post is for you. Helmetszone will list out some interesting things you could do to make your used motorcycle helmet more useful, so keep reading till the end and you will find the answer for this question  “what to do with old motorcycle helmet

1. Make a donation

There are some organizations such as police or fire service that will need old helmets for their emergency assistance courses. Some free well-known courses for motorcyclists are Biker Down or Firebike. Old helmets could help in practicing how to take the helmets off injured people without making the wounds get worse or how to move from the injured bike.  The helmets don’t necessarily look like new, as long as you make sure the chin straps are secure and the buckle is usable. 

2. Is selling old motorcycle helmets possible?

You may wonder if a helmet used for a long time can be resold? We do not recommend you do so. The buyer will not know how it was previously cared for. Even though the outside may look new and shiny and it is placed in the original box, who knows if it's broken inside. 

There is a fact that a motorcycle helmet’s lifespan is a maximum of five years if the helmets’ owner cared for it, and if a helmet is badly treated or undergoes accidents, this lifespan would be less than 5 years. However, there is over 40% of motorcyclists around the world are using expired helmets. 

3. Used motorcycle helmets can be traded for the new ones

As far as I know, there are some shops that offer promotion programs for exchanging old helmets for new ones. Of course, achieving this promotion is not easy. You will need to give them your purchase receipt for helmet age checking purposes.

Of course, you won't be able to exchange an old helmet for a new one that is much more expensive. Certainly, the shop owners will limit the number of helmets that can be exchanged. If you want to exchange a more expensive one, you will have to pay extra for it. Anyway, the old helmet does great help. 

My recommendation is to buy a whole new motorcycle helmet, you can refer to these two articles:

What to do with old motorcycle helmets

4. Refresh your expired helmets

This is suitable for those who are fond of painting. Giving your old helmets a new appearance is a great idea. You can use either color pens or spray paint to redecorate it, but you will need to care for the failure of doing so. 

The helmet main function is to protect users from serious head injuries that occurred in accidents. The negative impact of painting your helmets may come from the painting material. There are some chemicals added to the spray paint that may weaken the substance that is used to hold materials together to build a surface attachment and resists separation. This impact can not be seen in a short time because chemicals need to take some time for their reaction. 

However, if you have knowledge in this area-how to choose painting material you could paint on your own. Or we recommend you contact the helmet manufacturers to ask for proper spray or you can visit some local helmet spraying specialist to get advice for this task. 

If you paint your helmet yourself, we recommend you follow these steps. First, you will need to clean completely all dirt or substance like dried bugs that stick on the helmet outer surface. Next, check if your helmet has ventilation holes, if yes, make sure you cover them carefully to avoid future obstruction.

Then cover the helmet shield and the edge trim with tape or papers. Check out the inside of the helmet to see if you can remove anything. Don’t forget to cover the helmet standard stickers. You may not want to have your fingerprints on the helmet, right? Well, latex gloves could help to solve the problem. 

You may read somewhere about using sandpaper, but we do not suggest that because this eventually will bring certain damages. 

5. Use it to decorate your house

You may not think of it, but it is truly a great idea. Some use their old helmet to make a plant vase or a hanging basket for exterior garden decoration purposes. This is very easy, drill some holes on the top of the helmet, fill it with soil, and then you can plant whatever flowers you like. If you want to make a hanging basket, then drill some more holes around the helmet border, tie the string securely into the holes and hang the helmet up.

 You can save some money from this creation. Another idea is to create a lamp from an old motorcycle helmet. Drill some holes throughout the helmet, then put the lamp inside it. I bet you will have a second-to-none lamp. There are some people who turn their garage into a helmet showroom, which stores all the helmets they've used and expired. This not only helps protect the environment but also makes your garage look less boring. 

Alright! I guess you have just got some idea from HelmetsZone for your old helmets. They are not as useless as we think, right. If you already had the idea, what are you waiting for, let go and do it! 

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