Where to put motorcycle helmet when you park?

when you are reading this post, I guess you are looking for ways to protect the helmet from being stolen or damaged when parking outdoors.

At first, you might love to hold it around, but gradually you will find it annoying especially when your helmet is too big and heavy. Imagine you park your motorbike and go into a supermarket if you keep holding a helmet, it is very difficult for you to pick things. Well, keep reading this article and you will know where to put motorcycle helmet when you park and go somewhere. 

Depending on your preference of whether you are willing to carry it with you or leave it on the motorcycle, we divided the methods into 2 groups which are:

where to put motorcycle helmet

This method is suitable for those who have a big and heavy helmet. You can choose either of the following

Lock your helmet to the vehicle

This is used commonly among motorcyclists as it is convenient and safe. However, you need to make sure you always bring the lock when you go out on your motorcycle. There are various types of locks in the market, you can choose one that best suits you and your style. 

Just leave your helmet on the bike

Only use this method when you park your bike at safe places where have security cameras or guards. Or in case you will return to your motorcycle quickly. 

Leaving your helmet off your motorcycle

Send them in the locker/reception  

This is a very safe way to protect your helmet. Find out if the place you want to go to has a locker, or you can ask the front desk to help you with the helmet. 

Put it in a backpack

If you don’t have an actual helmet backpack, then you could use a hiking backpack. Either is fine as long as the bag has straps so you can free your arms. Another convenience of carrying this bag is that you can put things like water, food and other necessities in it. So convenient, isn’t it?

where do you put your motorcycle helmet

Carry it with you

If possible, you should choose this option because the helmet will always be in your sight and of course it will be safe. If your helmet is small and light, it won't be a big deal. 

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Pros and cons of leaving your helmet on the motorcycle

The biggest advantage of this method is probably that your hands will be free. You won't have to go for a lunch with the helmet on your side or go shopping with the helmet on hand. You can use both hands to perform all activities. But make sure the place where you park your motor is well secured. The biggest drawback of this method is that you don't always find a safe parking space.

Pros and cons of carrying your helmet with you

Keeping the helmet on your side is the safest, no one will ever dare to come close and snatch it from you in public. 

When you carry it with you, you may not have to worry about whether it is still in where you put it or not. And you can save time used to worry about your helmet to focus on more important matters. So what is the downside of this method? Obviously, you will not have freedom and convenience when you carry it. You need at least one hand to hold the helmet, and the other hand will do everything else. If you are shopping and need both hands to choose stuff, you have to leave it sitting somewhere. 

Above are some ways you can refer to protecting your helmet when you park and go somewhere. You may see some options are safer than others, however, it all depends on the place you park and where you are going. 

If you just leave your motor for a few minutes to grab somethings from the stores, then it is safe to leave your helmet on the bike. And if you go somewhere for hours, then you better lock or carry it wit you. 

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