Reasons why you shouldn’t buy a helmet that has been used.

Some people buy used motorcycle helmets as they are much cheaper than the new ones. Be aware of second-hand helmets and the dangers they may bring to you. Below is a list of reasons why you shouldn’t buy a helmet that has been used.

Used helmets usually contain sweat, dead skin, hair spray, etc of the previous owner. Moreover, if your former user has a dermatological problem, when you reuse their helmet, you are more likely to get infected. Although there are ways to clean a motorcycle helmet, not all the dirt and bacteria are completely washed away. I guess you don’t want to use a helmet that is filled with somebody else’s smell! 

motorcycle helmets personal hygiense matter

2. The size may not fit your head

When a motorcycle helmet belongs to someone, it fits their head perfectly, therefore, the helmet can provide the best protection to the user. The liner inside a helmet has a very special function. It will change its size to fit the shape of the person wearing it over time, you will feel the helmet increasingly gets fitter to your head.

 Once the helmet is shaped, it will not change again to fit the other owner. It means you will wear either a wider or smaller helmet. And you know, wearing a nonfit helmet is like putting yourself at risk due to the space between your head and the liner when the helmet is too big or the pain you may have when the helmet is too small. The helmet effectiveness will be reduced significantly.In the article "How to wear a motorcycle helmet properly?" we also mention this issue, you can read that post for more specific information.

3. Asymmetric information 

Sometimes owners want to sell their helmets quickly and give inaccurate information about the helmet condition. You will not know how this helmet was used before or whether it has experienced an accident or not. All the information you know is from the seller, you have no way to verify that the information is accurate or not. There are many helmets that look very new but actually the inside is almost completely degraded. You will lose money just to buy a helmet that cannot be used.

4. The materials are not as good as new

motorcycle helmets wear out

When a helmet is used, the materials also wear out over time. What wears out the materials? They are UV rays, rains, temperature. These factors will affect the helmet’s outer side. For the inside material, EPS which functions as an external force absorption unit will become harder over time and can not absorb any impact. Remember this, a hat that stays in the store for longer is better than a helmet that has been exposed to the sun or rain.

5. The inner shell can be broken

You can easily check the outer shell but for the inner shell, it is nearly impossible. There could be cracks inside but you can’t examine it, so your head is more likely exposed to injuries. That means you should buy a new Best Motorcycle Helmet to get the new durable shell.

6. The price may be higher than buying a new one

How does this happen? Many of you might think, buying a helmet that has been used is cheaper. Yes, I agree. But imagine you buy a second-hand helmet and it breaks after a few uses, then you have to buy a new one. How much does this gonna cost? Suppose you buy an old motorcycle helmet for half the price of a new one, but it is usable for only 6 months. And while you buy a new helmet, the price can be doubled, but it can last up to 2 years. So let do the math to see which option is more expensive.

7. You will become old fashioned

old fashioned motorcycle helmet

Manufacturers come out with new motorcycle helmet designs every year. It means the used helmet that you are considering to buy is pretty old to the world. I know some of you may spend almost all the money you have to buy your motorcycle and there are a few bucks left. This small budget is not enough to buy new gear and some of you may consider buying second-hand helmets. But hey! It is not cool at all when you ride a new shining bike but an old looking helmet on your head. They totally don’t match. So, what next? Cool motorcycles must go with really cool motorcycle helmets

8. The helmet pictures posted online may not look like how it truly is 

This is a common story when you purchase things online not only helmets. Thanks to the advanced technology, the old helmets will be photoshopped to look just like new, but the real look of helmets are different in person. You may not take the money back once you paid for that helmet. 

It is not smart to buy second-hand helmets both online and in-person.

Consider those reasons above carefully before making your final decision. Hoping the it above can help you a little bit in buying helmet. In case you want to know more about motorcycle helmet you can read other articles like this from Motorcycle Helmet Tips category.

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